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Infertility, transplants, genetic maedicine and religon

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Qa) i) Describe the Treatments Available To Help Infertile Couples To Have Children. Infertility is a huge problem in the Western world now; approximately 12.5 per cent of all couples in the UK have fertility problems. Women can take drugs to help them to be fertile. These drugs are not very successful, so most people use fertility treatments, which involve medical technology. There are many ways of artificial insemination such as, in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) - this is a treatment for a woman who cannot become pregnant with her partner naturally in which an egg is fertilised outside her body and the resulting embryo is mechanically inserted into her womb to develop into a baby. Artificial insemination by husband (AIH) includes the husband's sperm inserted into his wife mechanically. Artificial insemination by donor (AID) - AID is when donor sperm is used to fertilise a woman who has an infertile partner or the woman chooses to conceive without having sex with the donor. Egg donation is when the process of fertilising donated eggs with a male partner's sperm using IVF and inserting the embryo to the female partner's womb. ...read more.


In Islam most Muslims believe IVF and AIH are acceptable for couples that are having fertility problems, the main reason why they accept these is that, is that the treatment shows the great strides the world has made in medicine. They mainly believe these embryo technologies are good because, both parents are used to fertilise and they are married. The embryos that are not used are not foetuses so destroying them is justifiable, they are not yet developed babies. A high number of Islamic lawyers have deemed all other methods of embryo technologies because they think a child has the right to know its parents they are also very similar to adoption, which is not allowed in Islam. iii) Explain Why Religious People May Have Problems With Transplant Surgery Transplant Surgery involves transferring a tissue or an organ from one person/mammal to another or from one part of the body to another in the same person. Although transplant surgery is popular, it is very dangerous; it introduces health risks include, pneumonia and other infectious diseases, excessive bleeding. There are many types of transplant surgery these include, kidney transplants, liver transplants, heart transplant and lung transplants. ...read more.


Embryos cannot be considered as a prospective human until their age reaches fourteen days. Genetic engineering also offers the chance for humans to cure otherwise incurable diseases. The use of embryos in stem cell research would later be changed to adult cells, using adult cells is easier. Genetic engineering is being used in other countries, this means it is available to people who can afford the travel and treatment costs. Other Christians think there is a comparable variation between producing cells and making people. Using science to create people rather than sex between parents is unethical because it would overtake Gods position, but they see creating cells as cooperating with God. Other people think that Genetic engineering is unacceptable because we do not yet have enough information on long - term effects. All effects are permanent so they would not be able to be reversed if the outcome of the surgery in caused undesirable effects. Some people also believe that it places the lives of the whole world on scientists, which is unethical. I believe genetic engineering is a good thing because, I think we should do all we can to prevent diseases, even if it means using some unethical methods. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ololade Olutosin 1 ...read more.

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