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VALERIE ABONE NAT DIP HEALTH STUDIES YR 1 LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT TUTOR: TRISH GREGORY TASK TWO P2 INFLUENCES OF SOME LIFE FACTORS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUALS. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR: Water and sanitation: Physical development: This is one aspect of our environment that greatly affects the life span and the physical development of individuals both children and adults. Homes in poor condition that is dirty homes, damp and cold and also surrounding areas that are in poor sanitary condition can affect ones development in that many people living in such areas always develop certain illnesses that affect their growth and health. If an area has little or no water that can cause death or dehydration. While if the water is dirty it can also bring about illnesses such as diarrhoea and many others. As such people in such conditions and areas don't develop properly as those living in highly sanitary areas with good drainage and water systems. Intellectual development: This can also influence one's intellectual development in that people living in such areas either have very low income and cannot afford to go to school or they live very far from the city that they cannot go to school. People living in such areas often fall sick and this might affect their education and intellectual development and they might end up with certain disability which affects their intellectual abilities. ...read more.


LIFESTYLE FACTORS: Nutrition: Physical development: This is one of the most important aspects of development. Without food and water there can be no physical, intellectual or even social development. If a child is malnourished they develop poorly physically and intellectually. This means if a child or any individual is given too much food this can lead them to developing an illness such as obesity or even diabetes. And worse of all if the child is given too much food with little nutrients such a s protein is can lead to kwashiorkor which makes the child to have a large stomach and their hair colour changes and some can't even walk. Furthermore very little food can also influence the development of an individual physically as they might grow too thin and it can eventually lead to death. But on the other hand a well nourished person will develop perfectly as their diet contains the necessary amount of nutrients and the necessary quantity of food. Intellectual development: With no food or with an improper nutrition a human being cannot be expected to develop intellectually because they are always hunger or malnourished and so cannot concentrate. But a well nourished person grows healthily and develops very well intellectually as they have the patience and strength to learn and develop intellectually. ...read more.


They find it hard making friends and so it influences their social development. GENETIC FACTORS: Sickle cell anaemia: Emotional development: This is a hereditary disease that is gotten from both parents. This disease is genetic and it can influence and individual's development in that those with such disease are at risk for psychological distress and psychological impairments such as depression, low self esteem. Due to the illness individuals are excluded from certain activities and may feel sometimes lonely. Self esteem becomes very low. Depression may also affect their ability to manage their future and personal life. Physical development: Some people don't grow physically like people without the disease. They may be shorter and for teenagers puberty may delay. They might also grow with deformities on their physical appearance. Intellectual development: People with sickle cell anaemia might develop perfectly intellectually but in most cases they grow with difficulties such as speech impairments and find it hard getting involved in academic and vocational functioning. Because they are always sick it also affects their education because they don't have a straight learning and education. Social development: Socialising is very difficult for such people because they cannot express them selves properly they don't have many friends or meet new people and because of discrimination they fear and refrain from involving themselves in social activities. They are also restricted to the kind of social activities they can do. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is mixed in places. The writer has discussed how factors affect development but has not always got all the information.

A little extra research would help and would demonstrate greater understanding. It would help to discuss the consequences of some of the factors in the long term.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Sam Morran 24/10/2013

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