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Is There Room For Smoking in Public Places?

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English Coursework Discursive Writing Is There Room For Smoking in Public Places? One thing that really 'gets up my nose' is inhaling other people's stale cigarette smoke against my will. It's about time that's smoking in public places in this country was stamped out once and for all. There is nothing worse than coming home from a night out at a nice restaurant or a party and finding that your clothes smell disgusting because they have been saturated with the stench of smoke. I'm not the only person who is fed up with this, but I'm not against other people smoking; I just wish that I had a choice whether or not I came home smelling like a dirty ashtray. Another thing I really hate is walking down the street behind someone with a cigarette. ...read more.


They also concluded that those married to a lighter smoker or those who came into direct contact with a smoker at work or other places still saw their risk of lung cancer double. When high risk factors such as high blood pressure were present passive smoking intensified the danger. Passive smoking has been a contentious issue. In nineteen ninety-two The United States Environmental Protection Agency decided that tobacco smoke was a class A carcinogen, which means it causes Cancer, estimating that it caused three thousand deaths a year by passive inhalation. High profile cases of passive smoking deaths such as that of the entertainer, Roy Castle whose fatal lung cancer is said to be caused by passive smoking and that of Veronica Bland who won fifteen thousand pounds compensation claiming she contracted chronic bronchitis at work encouraged the government to think seriously about smoking in a public environment. ...read more.


It is well known that most people do not think this is enough. They want smoking to be unseen in public so as no risk to non-smokers is present, but a lot of pressure would have to be put on the government to implement such a ban. Many smokers would be against such a ban. As smoking is a habit and a way of life for some people, smokers need to be persuaded that it is not their right to smoke in public. The majority of people in this country would prefer smoking banned in public, even just as a courtesy so that their clothes do not smell. However, there are many people who spend their whole lives campaigning to have this legislation introduced world-wide. It may be a controversial battle that cannot be won at a click of the fingers but all the facts need to be examined, highlighting the long-term benefits of a ban to protect the nation's health. ...read more.

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