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Kids and Drugs

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Kids and Drugs DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO - GENERAL Drugs, drugs, drugs! In most cultures we are surrounded by substances that alter our mind or our body functions. Some of these are legal and accepted; others are illegal and not accepted. Some drugs can make people feel ill, and others may kill them. This article looks at drug and alcohol use in a general way. It covers things like: why people use them, how much they are used, the effects they have on health and some tips for people who want to change their drug use. Both young people and research have guided this article. Why do kids use drugs? Young people say they turn to alcohol and other drugs for one or more of the following reasons: * To do what their friends are doing * To escape pain in their lives * To fit in * Boredom * For fun * Curiosity * To take risks TYPES OF DRUGS A drug is any chemical that is not food and that affects your body. Drugs can be medicines such as antibiotics and painkillers. However when young people talk about drugs they are usually thinking of things that affect the mind rather than the body and this topic is about the kind of drugs that people take for relaxation or to affect their minds. Drugs are talked about in many ways. Some people may say they are terrible, bad, evil or not acceptable. Others say they are fun, open-minded, spiritual or acceptable! Most people are probably in the middle and would say it depends what the drug is, how it is used and what it does. It is rare to find someone who does not have an opinion about drugs. Drugs are also described in different ways. People call them things like soft, hard, upper, downer, psychedelic or potent. Grouping them can help make sense of what they do to us. All drugs, legal or illegal, usually fit into one of these groups. ...read more.


When I do get a girlfriend I spend heaps of energy trying to cover up how much I smoke. I don''t skate, surf or do kickboxing any more. I am always broke. It seems like everything I do stuffs up and that''s the way it is always going to be. Jeremy 20 years * What are the reasons you use? What do you get out of using your drug? What are the not so good things about using? How might you life look if you continue in this way? * List the advantages for your life and your future if you made some changes. * Think about what changes you would like to make. What options do you have? What''s the most realistic - quitting, cold turkey, cutting back? * Make a plan. What are you trying to achieve? How are you going to achieve it? Who or what might help? What steps will you take (one step at a time can help make sure things don''t get too much!) How will you know when you have achieved what you set out to do? * Ask yourself the steps you might take to regain control of your life. What things might you stop or get rid of? What new projects might you begin? What are alternatives do you have for your use? Eg one guy gave up smoking by eating an apple when he felt like a fag. Some have taken up a new interest or tried to get fit! * Make a commitment to yourself. Set a date. Tell people what you are planning to do. Try to find people who are supportive of your changes. * Stick to your plan and celebrate when you achieve your goals. Buy something special with the money you''ve saved or do something you wanted to do for ages! * Don''t give yourself a hard time if it doesn''t work out the first time. ...read more.


One of the most dangerous aspects of using GHB is the small difference between the amount needed for the desired effect and the amount which can cause an overdose. Some of the feelings from using fantasy include: * feeling relaxed * feeling calm. * feeling drowsy * feeling dizzy * having less inhibitions about your actions or what you say * feeling sexually aroused * feeling more sensitive to touch. High doses of fantasy (depending on the person) can have the following effects: * severe drowsiness, which can come on quite fast * impaired mobility * distorted speech * disorientation, confusion and hallucinations * convulsions * muscle spasms * nausea and vomiting * some loss of vision * coma. If someone has any of these symptoms it is important to get medical help quickly. If you suspect a friend has taken fantasy, tell the medical or emergency staff this, as this information can enable them to best help your friend. LONG TERM EFFECTS OF FANTASY There is not much research evidence yet about the long term effects of fantasy, however because of its sedative effects, it is likely that some of its long term effects are similar to other sedatives, such as dependence both physically and psychologically. More of the drug might be needed to get the same wanted effects, increasing the risk of overdose. There can be withdrawal effects when the person stops using fantasy. WARNINGS Like any drug (legal or illegal) it is important to be aware of the potential consequences. Here are some very important warnings associated with using fantasy. * Combining fantasy with other depressant drugs like alcohol, drugs such as ecstasy or some prescription medications can slow down the body''s central nervous system and be dangerous. * Do not drive or operate any machinery while under the influence of fantasy. * Designer drugs are often made by "backyard" chemists and can be extremely dangerous, usually more dangerous than the drug they have originated from. The dosage may be much more, or less, than usual and the effects quite unpredictable. ...read more.

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