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Legislation to protect children and young people from harm

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´╗┐Jenneh Kandeh Unit 10 Ms Garner Task 2 Legislation to protect children and young people from harm This task enables me to be able to show my understanding about legislation, policies and procedures to protect children and young people from harm. The legislation for the protection of children and young people from harm are: 1. United nations convention on the rights of the child (1989) 2. The children?s Act (1998) 3. Data protection Act (1998) 4. Framework for the assessment of children in need and their parents (2000) 5. Leaving care Act (2000) 6. Every child matters ~ green paper (2003) 7. ECM- frame work for children Act (2004) 8. Safeguarding OF Children and Vulnerable Group?s Act 2006 Britain is proud of it origin in promotion of children?s right and they make sure that they develop their own act and also put the UN and EU legislation. In England the (GSCC) General Social Care Council regulates the social service workforce and their education and also training. 1. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) This is the international agreement for the members countries of the United Nations to agree to implement laws and also procedures in their own countries (which 191 countries ) have agreed to return to their own countries and put the convention to practise however not all countries have agreed to do so ??USA included. The main aim of the convention is to improve on international rights and also to support and care for children world wide. The convention set basic and minimum standards for all children to the age of 18. Every law is called article and there are 54 of them. the cover survival which is ??life, clean water food and health care, development, right to be loved, cared for, learn and play, protection from war, abuse, neglect and violence and participation?? which is the right to a name and citizenship development. ...read more.


They believe that every child might be at risk of harm and they have responsibility to do something in order to make them safe. Everyone that works at this organisation or volunteer knows that the welfare and safety of children must be the most important concern. They make sure that everyone is offered a confidential service expect where there is concern like the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person and if they are concern they share there concerns to other where it involves the safety of the child. Children can be abused anywhere it may even be people in the authority strangers and the ones they know. Staffs and volunteers should tell the chief executive or the nominated person to deal with child protection as soon as there is concern about the welfare or safety about the child rather than wait till the damage is done. The George House Trust believes that if there is any evidence that a child is at risk of harm they would inform the children social services which then the social services would then vest the child and check if they are ok and also have a discussion with the parent of the child and carers and they would then decide what would happen the institution staffs are always there to listen to people concerns about the Childs safety whether is your child or someone else?s that needs protection and help in time of crisis it is usual to feel frightened, angry or do nothing people may like to help or support children, the George House Trust can offer support or help to put people in touch with any specialist agencies like Barnardos health through actions that can help When working in an organisation maintaining confidentiality is very important for example the George House Trust they make sure their staffs and volunteers are aware of the confidentiality policy which means that before starting the job especially working with children you would have to complete a CRB form (Criminal Record Bureau); which make sure that the client are protected example the children and also the adults. ...read more.


According to children protection there are several of ways of protecting children from harm. I think the may be disadvantage ways that things have gone wrong according to children safeguarding such as taking time to handle when problems occur to be serious. For example sometime children may be abused inside the family and by not getting looked after properly i.e. not fed, when the go school the child may have difficulties and finding things hard to cope. A lot of children may suffer if their living in care such as not having one in to one interaction with family. A lot of children suffer from this problems and not knowing to find people who might help them to solve their problems. Children might hide their feelings and not allowing people to know about their privacy life. I think sometimes staffs in school should also provide help, make children as their friends and when it comes to a serious situation such as knowing that the child has been physical abuse at home, will mean that you listen to the child and letting them tell you the situation that there are coping with so you as the teacher will try and solve the situation as soon as possible. This is why sometimes it might take time for the teacher to recognise the problems of children because lack of communication. I personally think by providing a range types of legislation of the child rights of their families, it would make sure that a child has the right to be looked after in a certain age mainly at the age of their 19th birthday. In conclusion, I have learnt the importance of legislation that might affect children and young people such as following policies and procedures knowing and helping children and their families whilst the child is being looked after. Such as knowing there different legislation of children protection and young people from harm, It allowed me knowing how it is important to look after children while there in care. ...read more.

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