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Life stages . Aging - In this assignment I am going to assess the influence of the activity theory and the disengagement theory on social care provision.

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1K, Development through the life stages, D2, Aging Ageing D2 ________________ In this assignment I am going to assess the influence of the activity theory and the disengagement theory on social care provision. There are many different services that are available in health and social care such as, Residential homes, bus passes, home help and day centres. All these services are put in place to help and support the older people. Residential homes offer somewhere to stay, help with dressing and bathing. They also provide meals. If a person cannot afford to live in their own property a residential home provides them security. Support in residential homes are available all through the day and the night. They support emotional and physical needs of the elderly. Bus passes are made available to the elderly so that they can travel and get about without fretting about money. Older people are offered this service because the money they get each week (pension) is probably just enough for their living for example to buy food, clothes and bills. Home help is way of offering support and care to vulnerable people to support them so they can stay in their own homes and live independently for as long as they can. This kind of help includes help with washing, cleaning, and dressing. ...read more.


Additionally respecting the elderly?s feelings, choices and opinions will help them to feel comfortable around their carers making them want to go back and enjoy socialising and being active. Disengagement If everyone disengaged when they got to an older age, old age would be looked upon as bad thing. If all people were to disengage the world would be looked upon negatively and all the older people in it. All people would then be on benefits and the knowledge and experience older people have will be a waste and the younger group will not benefit from looking up to the older generation. This will have an effect on the younger people because they will have no one to look up to and learn from as older people have a lot of experience. This could result in younger people being stuck in low paid jobs because of not having the experience to go any higher. Lower paid jobs mean lower tax and this would then have an effect on the benefits which would then have an impact on the older people the most if they were all on benefits. The benefits will then be cut and the older people will suffer badly not be able to afford to live causing lots of problems for example? if a pensioner cannot afford to eat healthy and afford the heating bills they would then become ill and more likely to get diseases. ...read more.


Overall I would say today?s society is based more on the activity theory. I say this because of the protecting and promoting of our public health in Britain. People are becoming less ill because of the NHS and living longer. Campaigns on healthy eating, exercise and things to do to keep active is being put out there daily. Including new medicines, treatments and screening. In this assignment the activity theory has shown to be effective on the older generation as well as the young. More and more older people are living in their own homes, keeping active and cooking for themselves healthy meals because they are more alert and aware of what their body needs and what is good for them, according to the office of national statistics, the population of the UK is ageing. The proportion of people aged over 65 rose from 15% to 17% from 1985-2010, an increase of 1.7m people, and is projected to reach 23% by 2035, according to the Office of National Statistics according to http://www.communitycare.co.uk/articles/18/08/2011/104087/elderly-people.htm. Retired life is shown to be enjoyable of many adults which includes spending time with family and grandchildren, going out with friends and going on holiday. Many older people are volunteering which is helping them to feel happier healthier and confident. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

An interesting essay looking at activity and disengagement theory. Each theory would have benefitted from a clear definition

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 28/06/2013

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