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lifespan development aging theories

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Many different people have come up with different theories behind the reasons we age. I am going to explain about 2 theorists and give relevant examples referring to the everyday process of aging. The first theory I am going to look into is that of Dr August Weismann and the second one is that of Vladimir Dilman Firstly Weismann introduced his theory in 1882, and it is referred to as the "Wear and Tear" theory. He believed that the body and the cells are damaged by overuse and abuse. Vital parts of our body such as the organs, liver, stomach, kidneys and skin are worn out by what we eat in our every day diet, and the toxins we put into our body, and by factors of the environment. An example of this is by eating too much fat, sugar, caffeine and the consumption of too much alcohol and the input of nicotine into our bodies. Weismann also believed the environment plays a heavy part such as the ultra violet light which the rays of the sun give out, and by many other physical and emotional stresses to which our bodies are subjected to. ...read more.


Weismannn feels that by taking nutritional supplements and other treatments it can help reverse the aging process by stimulating the bodies ability to repair and maintain its organs and cells. In conclusion to Weismann's theory he believes we age more by abusing our body and taking in direct sunrays from the environment and consuming unhealthy foods and harmful substances such as nicotine and alcohol. The second theory I am going to look into is that developed by Dilman, he elaborates from the wear and tear theory by focusing on the system called neuroendocrine, this is a network of biochemical's that are released in our hormones and other essential bodily elements. Dilman states that when we are young our hormones work together to regulate many bodily functions, including our response to the weather and temperature when it is hot and cold, our life experiences and our sexual activity. Various organs release different hormones all under a walnut sized gland, which is with in our brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus sets of a chain of events and reactions, when an organ releases a hormone, which then releases another hormone, which stimulates a bodily response. ...read more.


For example Weismann is saying if there was two people born on the same day therefore being the same age if one, eats lots of fatty foods, stays in the sun, drinks alcohol and smokes and then on the other hand one eats healthy does not smoke or drink and stays out of the sun. The first one who eats unhealthy will age much more quickly than the one who doesn't, as they are abusing their body. Therefore because this person will have abused there body throughout life when they reach old age and they are both of the same age one of them will be able to fight disease better and is more likely to resist them and the other one is more likely to dye form a disease because they have abused there body and they can no longer resist and fight back against this disease and their body will have aged more more quickly. So one will look younger than the other as they have treated their bodies differently. Lucy Elson Unit 4 Michelle Bradley ...read more.

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