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m1: explain how the communication cycle may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues

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M1: Explain how the communication cycle may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues. A difficult communication may involve a service user who does not have spoken English as a first language; poor English skills. For example if a service user goes to their local nurse for blood test with no appointment therefore the nurse wouldn't have advanced knowing so she/he couldn't get an interpreter to be present. Stage 1 Sender: The nurse wants to tell the service user that she/he has to inject them in the arm to get a sample of their blood and that it is only a small prick and won't hurt at all. Stage 2 Encode Message: The nurse simplifies her/his language into key words that the service user would understand. ...read more.


Stage 1 sender: The doctor wants to tell the parents that their child is autistic and to tell them all the information and that there child is still the same. Stage 2 encode message: The doctor could give the parents information booklets and information meetings that be held to explain autistic spectrum disorder. The doctor could explain the basic needs of what the child needs in terms of speech and language and a intervention visitor. Stage 3 Medium: The doctor tells the parents that their child has autism in a tactful way and that their child is still the same child but they need an extra bit of help with things. The doctor gives the parents dates of information meetings and booklets and tells them that he will get the rest of the help they need for them. ...read more.


Stage 2 Encode message: The teacher calls the parents in for a formal meeting to discuss this matter in spoken English as the parents speak English and have no hearing/sight impairment. The teacher also needs to break it easily to the parents and comfort them. Stage 3 Medium: The message is sent in a verbal communication between the parents and the teacher. Stage 4 Receivers: The parents are there to receive the message and can hear it. Stage 5 Decode Message: The Parents decipher the message. Stage 6 Understanding: The parents understand the information. Stage 7 Feedback: The receiver gives feedback and the communication cycle has been a success and the parents feel real strongly about it and are disgusted. Author Brent Duncan Date retrieved 6-11-08 Date article issued February 2006 http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.elliemae.com/newsletter/february2006/images/sub_communicationcycle.gif&imgrefurl ...read more.

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