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M3 - explaining how my own communication skills could have been used to make both the interactions more effective

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In this assignment I am going to be explaining how my own communication skills could have been used to make both the interactions more effective. In my one - one interaction I felt I could have improved my posture because when I was talking to Maureen* I was sat on a footstool so I was slouching abit. This may have given Maureen and the staff members the wrong impression. To improve my posture I could have sat upright and done something with my arms as they were just sitting there in front of me resting on my legs. This means I would have been showing more interest to the conversation. Although by slouching I believe it showed that I was relaxed and comfortable to be sitting and conversating with Maureen. I have taken notice of my posture and for further interactions that I may take place in I will try and sit upright but if I start to feel uncomfortable I will adjust my position without slouching. I don't think I could have used gestures and facial expressions anymore than what I did in my interaction with Maureen because I nodded my head when she spoke and I also smiled at her abit. I do feel like I could do something with my hands because when I speak to someone I've just met I tend to fold my arms a lot which could look like I'm being defensive and moody, therefore I could learn to do something with my hands whilst speaking to people. ...read more.


Some of the words I used that Maureen didn't understand were; Maccies (McDonald's), Indie/Rock (type of music) and also a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich). This is hard to do because I'm used to speaking to people of my own age group therefore I don't really think about what I'm saying because I know they will understand me. With Maureen I used a few closed questions but I used more open questions because that way I could get a better insight of Maureen's life because she could use any answer she wanted rather than just yes or no. I don't think I need to change my tone of voice as it wasn't too loud or too soft. Maureen was capable of hearing me although sometimes when I was speaking to her my voice went a bit because I had a sore throat so I kept losing my voice through mid-conversation. When I did lose my voice through conversation Maureen just asked me to repeat myself which I did gladly. Overall I believe there are a few things that I need to improve on in my one - one communications but I believe I was successful in communicating with Maureen because we both understood each other. I believe there are more things to improve on in my group communication because it was a lot harder as there was more than one person. ...read more.


To improve on this I believe I could have helped Joe a bit more with getting in and out of his chair because then I would have used touch more appropriately rather than just grabbing at his hand to help him walk inside. I didn't grab at Joe's hand because I knew he could walk on his own with the aid of a walking stick but if he had of asked me to hold his hand then I would have done. I believe my proximity wasn't that good either because we was all sat round a garden table and as it was my first day I didn't really want to sit too close to anyone. Another reason for my proximity being so poor was that we all had an umbrella to ourselves so we was sat spaced out so that we didn't hit or catch each other with the umbrellas. My proximity affected communication because I couldn't really hear what everyone was saying and also I believe that Joe couldn't hear us therefore this would have been a breakdown in the communication cycle. On the whole I think I can improve on all the things needed to make my one - ones and group communications a lot better and I should vary the age groups a little to get a better understanding of how and what really needs improving. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Cooke Unit 1 - Communication Shelley Fleming M3 1 ...read more.

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