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Major Incidents and the roles of different services.

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In every major disaster each one of the emergency services has their own specific role and responsibility. In this major disaster we will be telling you about a plane crash. The role of the fire service at a major disaster is firstly to control and extinguish any fires, and then to rescue any person or persons that may be in danger, or trapped, they must make sure that any danger is eliminated. The fire service is also to give any safety advice to other services at the scene, and to carry out a job of high importance which is to reduce and contain any risk of any further escalation. Once the disaster is under control and is easily manageable. The fire service also assists the police investigation by finding any trapped or severely damaged parts that could provide evidence. ...read more.


The ambulance service has the main role of life saving and treating any surviving casualties from the crash. If any person on the ground was injured then the ambulance service would have to triage (a process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment.) the casualties. Once this has been done casualties would be transported to hospital where further treatment would be given. The health authority's role comes in once the immediate incident has been dealt with. It is their job to firstly assess the impact on health and health services following the plane crash. This is because fumes and other dangerous emissions could have been let out of the plane, so investigations must be done into this. ...read more.


The WRVS is a group of highly skilled people who can help with a lot of the actions that have to be taken to deal with an incident. Their roles include aiding with evacuation, emergency feeding, food distribution, providing shelter, clothing distribution and mortuary assistance. The WRVS also helps to organise a personal enquiry services (missing persons) and can even assist with welfare, casework, family rehabilitation, provision of furniture and bedding and other household needs whenever they are needed The role of the city council after a major disaster such as this plane crash is to set-up a facility for casualties and families to gather and be fed, they must provide temporary accommodation, and give Emergency traffic management and Dangerous structures advice and also to set up an emergency counselling facility. In the worst disasters such as the plane crash the council may need to set-up a temporary mortuary somewhere that will have enough space for all of the retrieved bodies. By Tom Yabsley ...read more.

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