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Marie Curie

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Chelsea Mason Health And Social Care Marie Curie Care Value Base Anti-Discrimination Practice: The volunteers and staff should not discriminate against people, for example against age, race, sexuality or disability this would make people feel extremely uncomfortable and upset. Communication: Communication is highly important, the patients individual care plans are discussed witch makes all nurses aware of what the needs of each client are in case of a change in medication so they can be aware to change it to the new dose, doctors visit each patient and share general information and have a conversation about how they are feeling, communication is extremely important in any care organisation this enables staff to be up to date on patients needs and wants it is also important for staff to interact with patients this enables patients to bond with staff to feel secure safe and like there is someone to talk to when a member of family isn't there, the chef calls in during the morning to check on patients choice of menu this gives patients the choice to have whatever they want that day, a residential social worker ...read more.


What Marie Curie Provides Marie curie provides nursing for terminally ill cancer patients they are available in the day and all through the night they can reduce stress and anxiety for patients and help them feel more comfortable, there are nine Marie curie hospices around the UK they provide day services this gives cancer patients the chance to attend health clinics and social activities, they are also enabled to receive advice and support they can also receive a full program tailored to their individual needs. They also focus on a person's comfort and quality of life, they recognise that families need support too. "Every minute of every day, someone is being cared for by a Marie Curie Nurse or Healthcare Assistant. We make it possible for someone to live their last days at home, rather than go into hospital." www.mariecurie.org.uk How Marie Curie Is Funded There are many ways people can help support organisations such as Marie curie who don't receive a great deal of government funding they can help by: people can help fundraising for Marie curie simply by buying a daffodil badge for a �1, they ...read more.


Take part in the Great Daffodil Appeal Help us raise as much cash as possible for our March appeal by joining a local collection for a couple of hours. www.mariecurie.org.uk My Opinion On Marie Curie I think Marie Curie is an amazing place witch helps families and patients through the stress and strain of dealing with such an awful disease, I think it provides outstanding care and makes the patients feel as comfortable as they possibly can whether it be for their last days or whether the patients pop in on a daily basis to attend social activities or health clinics, the choice the patients have is fantastic they are not restricted to eating what they are told to they are given choice of menu they wish to receive and given different options of pain relief and care, it is good that the treatment patients receive is free of charge because many patients who attend such a place may have not been able to afford such high quality treatment and this may have been an issue for the patients and their families this also takes the strain and stress away, the research I have done into this organisation makes me believe this is an amazing place. ...read more.

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