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Marieanna should try to control her eating habits by eating more sensible, well balanced diet that includes a variety of foods and plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables. This is because the body needs all the nutrients

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Task 1 Health and Well-Being Not everyone is lucky enough to be healthy. There are many factors that affect a person's quality of health. Poor health can sometimes be due to factors outside a person's control such as inherited diseases. For many people, good health is dependent on their lifestyle choices and habits. Defining health and well being The two separate issue i.e. health and well- being. Health is a medical definition with fixed standards. E.g. blood pressure Peak flow Height and weight Well-being Well- being is an opinion based on how well we feel about ourselves. Examples there are two aspects to well - being. Life satisfaction and personal development. Personal development means curious, and engaging in challenging and absorbing activities. For most people ability to cope well with life's challenges and directly related to physical health, particularly in late life. Young people registering sport as their favourite activity had significantly higher well - being than those children who are unhappy at home are three times most likely to have lower well-being. Health- a state of complete physical mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The holistic approach looks at all aspect of an individual's life. Holistic approach to health. Physical * Food * Shelter * Exercising * Clothing Food- a balance diet is an important part of a healthy life style. We need food in order to live and this must be met above all other needs. Food is the fuel of the body. A lack of fuel or wrong type of fuel can result in poor body performance and as a result less effective work and play. Exercising- taking exercise is an important part of keeping healthy, and there are many different ways to do so. Regular exercise has many benefits. It helps person feel well and can also make person more relaxed, confident and able to cope with the strains of life. ...read more.


Long-term target 1-2 mouths - she needs to cut down to 1 3 mouths - she is now decide to give up drinking after she understand the danger may cause her if she doesn't stop drinking. Short-term on exercising 1-2 weeks- taking the stairs instead of taking the lift. 3-4 weeks- going swimming only for 2hours Review: We decide to move down into mid-term target because the plan is working. Mid-term target 5-6 weeks- walking to the college instead of talking the bus. 7-8 weeks- running only for a short distance. Review: There is a big progress in mid-term because now she is walking to college instead of taken the bus. Therefore mid-term and short-term target both plan are working well. Long-term target 1-3 mouths- joining any activities that could help her to loser weight. She now understands what many happen to her if don't take any exercise. We decide to move on into a short-term target on diet because we sow that she as achieve on the exercise plan target. Short -term target on diet 1-2 she need to cut down on 2 meals a day 3-4 - weeks she needs to cut down eating burgers to fish Marieanna now understands the benefits of eating the right types of food in the correct quantities. Therefore the more she eats the right type of food; the more her body getting all the nutrition is needed. It is important for her to have a good balance diet of foods. Review: it is working because now she is eating only 2meal per day, which include low fat free such as Chicken soup, Spinach and Fish. Mid-term target 5-6- weeks - she needs to eat food like red meat and fresh fruit more 7-8 -weeks- she needs to eat food like cereals, fruit and vegetables. She realised that if she eats fruits, vegetables, cereals ect. These types of foods will bring her more vitamins into her body. ...read more.


Therefore when I am not around there is a chance for her to eat the food she used to eat before. This mean if doesn't follow the balance diet that I show her, she will be at risk of having fats into her body because her body is not getting all the nutrients it needs. Also exercising about three times a weeks for 20 minutes can be fit her. Example when I am not around her probably not going to do exercise for 20 minute, she may even do less than 20 minutes. Once the person she has failing to reach their targets, this means she will still be at risks. Example if she used to be slightly over but exercise she is over weights which may even lead her to high risks of disease. Therefore some people believe that everyone has a choice about lifestyle. There can choose to exercise or to be lazy, there can choose to follow a healthy diet or not. All these things it up to the person if she want better life or not. Example Marieanna she work long hours all most everyday, this may not easily for her to have time to do exercise. It is not always necessary to do exercise on the gym. She can do her exercise by walking home after work or when she is coming to college. Other example is Marieanna she might fail to give up smoking because she may have fear that she won't be able to enjoy her life and how to handle on the stress. In order for her to achieve on the plan she to be able to take control on her own stress. Examples she needs to be do this by relaxing, exercise and having a positive attitude toward her. Smoking increases blood pressure and damages blood vessels. Therefore if Marieanna fail to achieve this target she will be back on the danger she was on before. But if she respects this target she will reduce the risk and she will show that she have control on health. ?? ?? ?? ?? Julie Nihonzima ...read more.

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