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Marijuana: A Safe High?

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18.09.2004 Marijuana: A Safe High? There are major claims about the effects of marijuana usage on people like it lessens the learning skills and impairs memory. While some experiment results state that cannabis has vital effects on such skills, according to some other researches cannabis has nothing to do with learning skills and losing attention. A comparison between students who smoked marijuana everyday with a control group that smoked every month showed that there is almost no difference between these two groups in terms of remembering some lists of words. The fact that cannabis smokers do bad at school and work is because people who struggle to fit in the society tend to use marijuana more than regular people do. It is also proven that cannabis does not cause illnesses like schizophrenia and delinquency yet if people with such diseases smokes marijuana it might result in making them worse. ...read more.


There are various reasons why 3 joints are equal to a packet of cigarettes in effect. First, joints have no filters and people smoking marijuana keeps the smoke after they inhaled in more than the cigarette smokers. Also, the chemicals that cause cancer is richer in marijuana joints then the cigarettes. Despite this experiment, epidemiologists cannot find a direct relation between smoking marijuana and development of lung cancer. However there is one thing for sure; the immune cells of the people smoking marijuana are 35 per cent incapable of killing bacteria when compared to the immune cells of nonsmokers. The good news is for athletes. Unlike smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana does not reduce the capacity of lungs. There are six symptoms of marijuana addiction. One of them is that each time you need to smoke more to get the same effect. ...read more.


There are many things that must be clarified . There is even no consensus whether marijuana leads to cancer or not. Without adequate evidence it is not right to oppose the legalization of marijuana. According to an article in perkel.com1 there are many reasons to legalize cannabis. The most important one is that if cannabis usage was not prohibited then the usage of the legal drugs, namely alcohol, would reduce severely and this would decrease the abuse of alcohol and the number of traffic accidents. There are also some benefits of marijuana. As stated in an article from newscientist.com2 marijuana usage subsides the painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis. As a result, if the public is informed about both the positive and negative effects of cannabis, there is no reason to prohibit its usage. Sources Article from "A Safe High?" New Scientist 21 February 1998: 24-29 1-) "Marijuana Telling Teenagers the Truth about Smoking Pot " < http://www.perkel.com/politics/issues/pot.htm>. 2-) Coghlan, Andy. "Cannabis can help MS sufferers" 7 November 2003. <http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/marijuana/cannabisms.jsp;jsessionid=FCEENKBIMBAE>. ...read more.

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