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Massage Case Study 1

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Complementary & Alternative Therapies Case study 1 Body Massage Back massage Introduction: Body massage treatments have become a highly sought-after treatment in many salons and clinics today as well as workplaces. As a therapist practicing the use of these techniques, I need to be fully aware and have great knowledge of client care, contraindications, treatment procedures and plans, and aftercare and homecare advice. All of which are tailored to each particular client I treat. For this body massage case study I will include an introduction giving a brief description of the client and her indications for a massage treatment. I will also provide accurate homecare and aftercare advice as well as a thorough consultation form and equipment list with regards to health and safety. I will then analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, stating any positive or negative physical, physiological or psychological effects or reactions my client has experienced before, during or after the treatment. Client Profile: My client for this body massage treatment is ZB 08/04/75. She is a 33 year old female who works within the tutorial section of Bridgwater College. She has come to me for a single back massage treatment to alleviate her painful areas of tension which appear to be ...read more.


Homecare and Aftercare Advice: At the end of the body massage treatment I performed according to my client's arranged treatment plan, I was able to offer her some homecare and aftercare advice. Immediately after the treatment I allowed my client to "wake up" slowly and allow her to take her time "coming round" as a back massage can be extremely sedating especially as I used many relaxing movements, I offered her a glass of water to prevent dehydration as during the massage I had drained away any toxins her body was harbouring. As the massage I performed was based on improving relaxation, draining of toxins and muscular kneading, some clients may experience feelings of dehydration, which are all indications that a good treatment has been performed. It is vital to replace those lost fluids and toxins with water straight away to avoid feeling unwell or drowsy. I would advise my client to improve her lifestyle by trying to avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption as both these things leave the skin looking dull, old before its time and leave the body exhausted and full of toxins. I also stated that if this was achieved, she would notice significant changes in her energy levels, skin appearance and texture and that she would feel wonderful feelings of health and well-being. ...read more.


Overall Conclusion: From the feedback my client gave me and my general feel for how the treatment progressed, I believe that the treatment went really well - based on the physical reactions my clients body gave me during the treatment: I could physically feel her muscles relaxing and smoothing as I used deeper petrissage movements and worked out tension nodules that were causing her the discomfort in her back. I also believe that my massage was a successful and fulfilled one, as my client was in such a relaxed state that she fell asleep, which to me as a therapist is the biggest compliment my work could be given. Reflective Practice: Regarding my performance as a therapist I believe I could have put more time and effort into a more thorough and concise consultation form, as I got too excited about the practical side of the treatment that I rushed through the consultation and treatment plan forms, and I could have been more attentive to my clients needs which would have lead to a treatment completely tailored to her needs. I believe that the practical aspect of my performance as a therapist was good as I adjusted my movements and pressure according to what my client asked for and what I felt her muscles and tissues required. ...read more.

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