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Massage Case Study 1

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  • Essay length: 2090 words
  • Submitted: 22/03/2009
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AS and A Level Healthcare

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Complementary &

Alternative Therapies

Case study 1

Body Massage

Back massage

Introduction: Body massage treatments have become a highly sought-after treatment in many salons and clinics today as well as workplaces. As a therapist practicing the use of these techniques, I need to be fully aware and have great knowledge of client care, contraindications, treatment procedures and plans, and aftercare and homecare advice. All of which are tailored to each particular client I treat. For this body massage case study I will include an introduction giving a brief description of the client and her indications for a massage treatment. I will also provide accurate homecare and aftercare advice as well as a thorough consultation form and equipment list with regards to health and safety. I will then analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, stating any positive or negative physical, physiological or psychological effects or reactions my client has experienced before, during or after the treatment.

Client Profile: My client for this body massage treatment is ZB 08/04/75. She is a 33 year old female who works within the tutorial section of Bridgwater College. She has come to me

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