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Measuring health. Health suggestions for a smoker and an overweight person.

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Miss Concannon Patients centred health Contents page 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Lo: 1 task one Measurement of healthy is assessing the body's health. Measurements are used whether a person is sick or diagnose with a illness or even if they don't have an illness we need to measure if the person to see if the body is working properly, this can help see if these any sign of the body not coping, in the life style. Professional use different types of measurements of healthy, some of them are: *Temperature, usually our temperature can be affected by what we wear, what we drink and the weather it is at the time. Margaret's case study Research shows that many people die due to smoking, and it affects millions of people in the UK and all over the world. Smokers still have the choice to smoke if they wish. Margaret is a very heavy smoker, her blood pressure is often very high, and she tends to struggle breathing. Margaret has not attended the doctor in a while so she seems to be quiet worried about how much she smokes. Once she attends the doctors they would first check Margaret's temperature to see whether her temperature is too high or low and all information been stored for observation and referrals if required. ...read more.


The different ways high blood pressure rises: *Eating to much salt than the daily amount *Being stressed over work or possible problems. *Being overweight/ obesity (making it difficult for blood to pump around the body) *Smoking can also increase blood pressure. The different was to lower the blood pressure: *Making sure you do quite a bit exercise *Keeping a healthy diet *Cutting down on salt *Cutting down on alcohol *Eating more fruit and vegetable. High blood pressure can cause a big increase towards heart attacks or strokes. It can also shorten person expectancy by years, if it's not treated. The peak flow is the ability of a person push flow degree of restriction in the air way. Heart rate is the number the beats your heart pumps around the body per minute. Male adult is the average of 70bmp and for female adults 75bpm. Small children usually have the fast heart rate. My primary research from a guest speaker from the science department I found out that, if a persons exercising and if they struggle to get there body back to normal this shows the person is unfit making them less healthy. If a person has 20 beats per minute this tells us the person is healthy. ...read more.


Children and teenagers have came more common in young people, those who have high risks or developing diabetes need to have a test almost every 2 years Cancer Asthma http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/Asthma/Asthma_Diagnosis.html (test) People who have asthma have to have a series of tests and treatments for example:The doctors will test how well the lungs work, they will give the patient breathing tests called spirometry . The patient will have to breath into a machine called a spirometry. The spirometry will measure to volume of air they patient can breathe Out in one second his is called forced expiratory. The measurement will then be compared to normal measurement for the patient's age. A peak flow meter will be used to take measurements of how fast the air is blown out of the patients lungs in a breathe, this is known as a peak flow test. Some patients may have a peak flow meter at home so they are able to keep a diary record of their measurements on the peak flow. Some patients may be asked to make a record of any symptoms that they may face, so when they have another appoint at the doctors, the doctors are able to see whether the asthma is getting worse. Airway responsiveness test can be done to check the airway to see if it ?? ?? ?? ?? Michelle Clarke Candidate number 8065 Center number 32440 1 ...read more.

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