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Mental health - Post natal depression. Imagine you are Marlene, write a piece that would reflect her experiences if she were having Simon today and how you the social worker might assist her.

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Mental Health Assignment 1 The impact of mental illness: the voice of the consumer and carers Imagine you are Marlene, write a piece that would reflect her experiences if she were having Simon today and how you the social worker might assist her. Part One Reflective piece on Marlene's thoughts and feelings - and how it affected Doug, her mother etc. Include: emptiness, hopelessness, tired, lack of connection with Simon, feeling like nobody else understands, guilt because she should be excited about a new baby, doesn't have the energy for a new baby and toddler, Donna. Don busy with work, Marlene not fulfilling her role. Feeding difficulties with Simon, caesarian Does she have close by support? Lucy doesn't have children yet. Parents live in Bendigo, close to mother Marlene's account It was different being pregnant with Simon than it was with Donna. It seemed to go faster because I was busy with Donna but I was definitely more tired, and desperate to give birth by the end of it. I did not expect complications, as the first birth went so well, but as a trained midwife understood that emergency caesareans occurred. Everyone assumed everything was perfect for us because we had had a girl first and now a boy. I imagined that I would love Simon instantly, the way I had with Donna the moment she was born. But it just wasn't the same. ...read more.


Education about the condition - for the community, women with PND and medical practitioners whose responsibility it is to refer women and their families for treatment and support services. Relieving Marlene of some of her current responsibilities, extra emotional and physical support Anti-depressants STIGMA - social worker role to dispel Shame, guilt Part Two What the social worker would do to assist Marlene. PANDA www.panda.org.au Recovery process Important to talk about feelings, not feel ashamed about it, accept PND as a possible aspect of pregnancy and birth. Women with PND DO recover. The earlier women get in touch with relevant services the better. Need to educate the community and health professionals about the condition, how to recognise it etc. Direct from panda: Ideally treatment should address all aspects of her functioning - physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual - and be offered to her by services that understand PND and her needs for recovery Direct from panda: Antidepressants do not 'change the personality', they correct the chemical imbalances in the brain that are thought to be responsible for the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Antidepressants are not addictive and some can be safely taken while pregnant and breastfeeding. The doctor needs to provide accurate information about the medication and careful monitoring of their effectiveness and symptom reduction. Direct from panda: A woman with the very serious Postpartum Psychosis (in the case that there is suicide risk or risk of harm to the baby) ...read more.


You also have parents who are interested in you and your family and friends who care about you. Connection to friends and other mothers - even just ringing a friend for a chat can Small amounts of exercise when possible. Little things to make her feel better. Suggest one or two things at a time, rather than an overwhelming list of tasks. Knowing she WILL recover. Positive thinking. Empowerment for small achievements. Council home help once a week to help with home chores, based on referral from sw or psychiatrist. Accept help from friends and family and don't feel guilty about it. Notice when there are good days and acknowledge them. Post and Ante Natal Depression Association Inc. Assume I am employed at a Community Mental Health Service (CMHS) at PANDA. The concept of mutual support underpins these services and refers to the positive effects of people with similar problems, solutions and experiences, working together in order to support each other. This may involve people identifying and sharing their knowledge and experiences about the impact of mental illness in their lives that contributes to the overall understanding of the issues for themselves, their families and carers and the broader community. The concept of self help refers to the ability of individuals that have been affected by mental illness to take control over their own lives. People have access to information, referral and support to assist them to learn and understand the effect of mental illness in their life, in order to improve their understanding and quality of life. ...read more.

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