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Monitoring and assessing of children. The two methods of assessment I have decided to analyse and describe comprehensively are screening and growth monitoring.

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Monitoring and assessing of children In this part of my coursework I must describe two method of assessment that is carried out on a child from newborn, right up to the age of eight years old. I need to explain why they are important, give examples of each and state whether the examples of monitoring are effective or ineffective. Monitoring and assessing a child is very important as these procedures can detect any abnormalities in a child and can also detect any life threatening diseases. The two methods of assessment I have decided to analyse and describe comprehensively are screening and growth monitoring. Screening "Screening is a process used to identify apparently healthy children who may be at an increased risk of disease or condition" - (http://www.screening.nhs.uk/screening) Immediately after every child is born, a number of routine checks are carried out on the newborn by health professionals before the baby is handed to the mother. Screening is a vital process as the purpose of is to observe the baby to see if it has any harmful or potentially fatal disorders that are not apparent at birth, or to see if the child has inherited any disorders from the parents. Screening takes place through the four life stages of a child which are from infancy, right through to school age, which is eight years old. There are a number of different tests that carried out on a child. The three most common screening methods are; * APGAR test * PKU Test * Ages and stages Questionnaire APGAR Test This test assesses babies' health quickly, to detect if there are any abnormalities. ...read more.


From researching this method, I have acknowledged that this type of screening method is quite effective. "76% to 91% of parents agree that this method is very effective and reliable" - (http://earlychildhoodmichigan.org/articles/7-03/DevScrTools7-03.htm) In my point of view, I believe that this method of assessment is quite ineffective as most parents want the best for their child. They don't want their children to have abnormalities or disabilities, therefore as a parent is involved in this type of assessment they have the chance to deceive and lie in this method. For example a question on the questionnaire could be "is your child crawling?" If a parents child is not crawling they could probably lie and just simply tick yes for the answer as they may not want to admit that there could be something wrong with their child they want their child to be the best. Health professionals just simply look through these questionnaires and if a parent has ticked 'Yes' for a majority of the questions, the health profession will have no concern, however on the other hand if some of the answers are ticked as 'No', this is a concern, therefore the health profession will be able to give the help that the child needs in order to develop properly, but if parents are lying through this method, Doctors will base the Childs development on this method and therefore no professional help will be given to the child if he/she needs it. Some may argue that it is an effective resource, but on my personal level, I believe it is ineffective. ...read more.


Head Circumference Head circumference is measured to make sure the skull is growing normally. If a baby's head is bigger or smaller than the average or the head circumference stop increasing or increases quickly, this can detect that there is something wrong. For instance, a large head indicates that there is a large build up of fluid inside the brain which is dangerous. A head that is smaller than the average head circumference, this could be a sign that the brain is not developing properly or has stopped growing. This measurement is also taken and recorded on a Centile Chart. Conclusion: I believe Growth monitored is an effective method of assessment. The reason being is because every element that is tested and carried out on a child, it is done physically by a health professional, therefore these physical examinations will help doctors to detect if the child is healthy or not. I believe growth monitoring is the more effective method of assessment than screening because of the fact, that all checkups done within growth monitoring are done physically by health professional. This is opposite to the screening method of assessment, as some of the tests are carried out on a child are physical examination and some aren't as there are questionnaires involved which parent participate in and as I explained before, some parents may lie as they want their child to be the best, they don't want health professionals telling them that their child has a disability, therefore from health professions taking their word from the parents on the child's development, any serious abnormalities the child has, will be overlooked purely because the parent has lied. ?? ?? ?? ?? Megan Lennon ...read more.

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