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My Interest.

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My Interest Many people enjoy stamp collecting whist others enjoy films and theatre trips. I have neither of these interests and it's not one that many people would consider. The UK has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Western Europe and the highest number of unmarried mothers in the world. These facts concern me and this is why I took up my hobby. I'm a sexual health peer educator and for the past two years I have been part of a youth group called SHPEP (Sexual Health Peer Education Project). In my spare time I promote sexual health and relationship issues through peer education by visiting youth groups and schools and holding interactive workshops. Although peer education is only a small step it seems clear to me that if sex was more openly discussed then a significant improvement could be made. ...read more.


It was a Tuesday night and the taxi pulled up outside my house. I got into the Taxi and joined Sophie, who was sat looking very nervous. It was also her first workshop. We drove out to the suburbs of Bristol to a youth group called The Clock Tower. The building appeared dark and gloomy and the area seemed neglected. As Sophie and I walked towards the door, conversation was minimal but we both knew how each other felt; scared, excited, and frantic. At the door a young woman with dark curl hair who was apparently the group leader welcomed us. My nerves were mounting and my hands had began to shake but I was determined to smile and look confident, after all they didn't know I was new. I walked through the door, I took a deep breath and I was presented with twenty young girls. ...read more.


They've included talks in my own GSCE Health and Social Class, a stall at Ashton Court Festival and demonstrations ion a local youth bus. As a reward for our 'hard work' we often go on residentials or trips. My first residential took us to a picturesque cottage in Croyde Bay, Devon where we enjoyed the social atmosphere of barbeques and beach games and did extra drugs training. Recently I went to Weston-Super-Mare here we stayed in a large Sea-front hotel. In the day we organized the future workshops and in the evenings we went bowling and walked along the beach. We are already planning our next residential, we are hoping to go Swansea in the Easter break to socialize with our new peer educators. During my last two years as a peer educator I've had very positive feedback from all the young people I've held workshops with and I feel that per education is the most rewarding hobby because I can have fun at the same time as helping young people. ...read more.

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