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My placement it was at nursery in chase farm hospital.

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UNIT 3 TASK 5 Status My placement it was at nursery in chase farm hospital. It was a private nursery. Structure The diagram below shows the basic structure in nursery. It shows you the main responsibility and what are the staff's main job roles. Funding My supervisor only gets income from the children parents and the responsibility of the child. They use that money on equipments for example books, paper, glue, magazine cuttings, scissors, lace, feathers, glitter, pencil, crayons, felt tips, sand and water tray, sand toys e.g. scoops, buckets, spades, trucks, water toys e.g. bottles, ducks, boats, cups, aprons, dustpan and brush. It's important that children have everything they need in nursery. The manager also pays the staff wages with the money they earn with. Resources In the nursery these two supervisor they are responsibility of the nursery. These eight staff is working in the nursery. Two staffs working with the babies. Two staff is working in pre-school that's age of three to five. These four staff working in toddles room that age of one to three. In pre- school these one teacher and the other one is just the helper. In toddles room these two teachers and the other two is training to be a teacher. ...read more.


The skill Laura has is a good communication skill with children, she works in team when she needs to and she has a good sense of humour. Task 6 My performance in nursery I have done my work placement in a private nursery at chase farm hospital. The age group I was working with was zero to five years old. In the nursery my responsibility was to look after the children and speak to them in mannered way. In the nursery I treat all the children equally and I make sure that I and others within the nursery are not discriminated against. My performance in first day was not good enough because I was to shy to speak to staff I had difficult to communicate with others, I had a poor communication skill for example I was not making eye contact when the staff was talking to me my body language was poor and my facial expression was not positive. I did not settle that easy I had poor self-esteem the way I was feeling about myself. I was thinking am not gone success working in nursery. In the first two or three weeks I had too much weakness point. ...read more.


My work placement has improved my individual skills for example I was the responsibility to take care of a child if the staff not in the room. My placement also improved my communication skill it was important for me to improve my communication skill. I had the change to improve my weakness point and strength point. I was observing and assessing children and producing writing report on each child's development. I had to write it everyday was has been changed. To work in nursery nurse they should have a sense of humour, understand the social and emotional needs of children, need to speak clearly and should be a good listener, should have excellent communication should be planning and organizational skill. In the future I want to be a mental health nurse the skill I need to be I mental health nurse its to have excellent communication and listening skills, to be able gain client confidence and trust, be good at teamwork and able to work on their own initiative, and should have assertive with good motivation skill. Basically I have some of these skills; I got these skills when I worked in nursery. Therefore the nursery gave me a good opportunity to improve my communicating skill and the other skills. ?? ?? ?? ?? YAGMUR EKINCI ...read more.

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