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Nature-Nurture debate

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M3- Discuss the Nature-Nurture debate in relation to individual's development. D1- Evaluate the Nature-Nurture debate in relation to the development of the individual The nature-nurture debate studies the behaviour of individuals according to their development. There could be two different types of effects: * Natured * Nurtured The nature part of the debate shows biological factors which influence an individual. This could be genetic factors such as blood type or eye colour. This is something that cannot be changed. The nurture parts of the debate shows exactly the type of things which are taught to the individual such as, swearing or eating healthy food. ...read more.


Some believe that abilities are present at birth, or develop gradually through the process of maturation. While others believe that abilities are acquired through experience in the environment. Development arises from experiences around us, not from forces with in us. Actions do not come from inherited characteristics, but from experiences that we have had, so we assume our environment is important when governing what we are like. All our development comes from conditioning between certain stimuli in the environment, and then it is the environment that shapes us, and not inherited characteristics. Therefore I personally agree with the nurture side of the debate. ...read more.


then removed from the home within the first few months of life and put into a stable home where there is no alcohol they are still more likely to become alcoholics. A nurture example would be that if a child was raised in an abusive home they are more likely to engage in an abusive relationship because as a child they were observing the abusive behavior and thought that it was normal. As you can see in this example there is no genetic tie to abuse but because they were raised experiencing the abusive behavior they are more likely to engage in an abusive relationship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4- Development through life stages Amal Hussein Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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