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Observation in the Nursery

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A02: Observation in the Nursery As part of my coursework I had to observe a care worker, I chose to observe the nursery nurse. I carried out my observation in the nursery at Beech hill primary school. I observed the communication skills that the nursery nurse used to communicate with the children. I observed the nursery nurse using four different methods of communication skills: > Tone and pace > Eye contact and body language > Empathising > Clarifying Tone and Pace Tone and pace are two different types' communication methods but it is normally used together. Using the two communication methods together makes communication more effective. Tone is the reverberation of the voice which we use to communicate with each other. Tone is set as a non verbal communication because it is separated from spoken words. We use tone to communicate and send out messages for example tone is used to show if someone is angry, not interested it is also used to show attraction and sympathy. It is important to use tone in the tight way because if it isn't it can give out the wrong message to people. Tone is the attitude of the speaker as revealed in the choice of the tone of speech. Pace is the tempo of conversation. It is important that pace is used correctly because if it used to fast or to slow it can be hard for another person to understand and also a person may start to find a conversation boring and lose interest. ...read more.


do some work, the teacher used a slow tone of voice so that the child may understand clearly what to do without getting confused and also participate during the work. Eye contact- This is what I saw during my observation. As a child came to talk to the teacher the teacher bend down to the same level as the child so that she could make full eye contact with the child whilst talking to her. The teacher did this because it enabled the child to become interested in what the teacher is saying and also listen carefully. Body Language - the teacher used sign language with a child who had learning difficulties, the teacher used sign language telling the child to go and get a piece of paper and some crayons. This was a good skill used as it enabled the child to interact with the teacher and understand what she was saying and also enabled the child to response back using makaton. Empathising - empathy is one of the main skills that are used constantly with the children in the nursery. Examples of these are: when a child fell and scratched her knee, she started to cry, the teacher empathised her by comforting her, and by cleaning her knee with tissue and saying that she was going to be fine. Clarifying - Clarifying is used persistently within the nurseries. E.g. the child came up to the teacher and said 'I would like to read that book' the teacher then replied 'you mean want to read the big red book'. ...read more.


The staff had a different multicultural background this would support the children they would feel that they have someone the same culture as them. Rights and responsibilities Examples of right and choices within the nursery are that the children are protected from any harm this values them as they know that they are safe, it supports parents as they know that no harm will approach to their child. Another example is that children are given the choice to do what the like e.g. colour, paint or dress up. The boys are even given the right to dress up or play with and girly toys. They are allowed to choose what they would like to eat milk juice or water and a different snack. This value the child as it helps them to choose and not be forced to eat what they don't like. It supports parents as they know that their child is eating well in the nursery without making any fuss. A02 {Bii} Here I will be talking about the four different types of communication skills and how it values and supports clients/service users. Pace - if the teacher is speaking in a fast pace to the child it would not support and value the child because the child will not understand what the teacher is saying and will not carry out the instructions that the teacher has set. Tone - if the child does something bad and the teacher raises her tone to explain to him then it will Body language- ?? ?? ?? ?? Manali Sucar Health and social care A02 1 ...read more.

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