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Older people

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1. Using a Web Catalogue to find out books about caring for older people and I made a note of the title, writer, publisher and year of publication. I have listed them below: Title: "But I Don't Want Eldercare" Writer: Terry Lynch Publisher: Legal Center Year: 2008 "Integrating Care for Older People" Christopher Foote, Christine Stanners Jessica Kingsley 2002 "Caring for the Elderly" Veronica Windmill Longman 1992 "Caring for Older People" Terry Smith McMillan Press 1992 "Health and Well-being for Older People" Anne Squire Bailliere Tindall 2002 * 2. How to get older people to like you By: Patrick Tay Building rapport with older people is akin to making friends with acquaintances. The communication process is not very different. What's different is the mindset of older people. Therefore, we need to know the mindset of older people before we are able to communicate with them successfully. However, for those of us who are young, we will face challenges in understanding them (since we have not reached that level of maturity yet). Does that mean that the younger generation will not be able to understand or relate to older people? I will say no. It is still possible. However, efforts must be put in when getting to know older people better. ...read more.


Short term memory is remember the things that happened today. For example, you know what year it is or what you had for breakfast. Long term memory is stuff that happened a while back. For example, you remember getting your first pet as kid. As some people age the short term memory goes away bit by bit. The long term memory begins to take over. So instead of today being Tuesday of this week it is actually Saturday of last week. Days get confusing. Eventually years and events get even more confusing. This can be frustrating to the kids and the elderly people. Let's face it. No-one wants to lose their mind. We can't help that our body gets wrinkles and white hairs. We might walk slower. But at least we can hold a conversation and fend for ourselves. Losing your memory is very scary. You know that eventually you might have to depend on everyone else to care for you. Geropsychology helps the elderly and their families deal with the transition of losing memory. There is usually depression with the realization that you are getting old and you might have to have someone take care of you full time. ...read more.


Unfair dismissal claims There is no upper age limit on making a claim of unfair dismissal. Training Training providers (including employers, further or higher education institutions, private, public or voluntary sector training bodies and adult education programmes) cannot set upper or lower age limits for training, unless they can objectively justify the need. Ref.http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/ResolvingWorkplaceDisputes/DiscriminationAtWork/DG_10026429 Summarising this article all employees and workers of any age are protected from age discrimination. To stay away from age discrimination your employer must make sure that any redundancy policies don't directly or indirectly discriminate against older workers. There is no upper or lower age limit for statutory redundancy pay so even if you are under 18 or over 65, you are entitled for statutory redundancy pay. The national default retirement age is 65 but it can be lower if appropriate and necessary. Employer must give you at least six months notice of your retirement date. Training providers cannot set upper or lower age limits for training, not to discriminate anyone. 6. I have used a variety of resources in this assignment, for example internet search engines, web catalog and books. I found search engines the easiest way to find appropriate and needed information's and I am most likely to carry on using this resource in my studies. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 / 7 1 / 7 ...read more.

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