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Our visit to Thomas Guy’s Hospital

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Lab Comparison In this report I will talk about our visit to Thomas Guy's Hospital, I will compare our science department to the hospital. I will specifically look at the differences and similarities of their lab and prep room compared to ours, and the differences between each of the procedures of making a slide. School In our school labs we have our basic equipment stored at the back of the lab in cupboards for example: Bunsen burners, heatproof mats, tripods, beakers, safety goggles, measuring cylinders, test tubes and test tube racks with the cupboards labelled with the correct equipment name. In our school Science Department we have many safety posters, which have instructions on how to carry out an experiment. Thirty or more students can use our labs at any one time. In our labs we do not store any chemicals, since they are stored in the prep room. The prep room is bigger than the labs but the labs are denser with more space to move about. The prep room has much equipment stored, which makes it harder to move around. We have four units containing four gas taps and four electric sockets; four tables surround each unit, which is used for theory and physical experiments. In our school if we need to carry out an experiment than our science teacher has to inform the technician of what is needed, we have 2 technician in our school, 1 of them will bring everything that is needed for the experiment on a trolley to the lesson. ...read more.


If a patient has a lump the surgeon will have to carry out a biopsy, which removes part or the entire lump from the patient. This piece of breast tissue is then sent down to the laboratory, were they try and find out why the lump has appeared. The laboratory also receives 3 different types of biopsy, which range considerably in size: 1. Excision Biopsy: The surgeon cuts round the entire lump and removes the whole thing. 2. Incision Biopsy: The surgeon cuts out a small piece of lump and leaves the rest in the patient. 3. Needle Core Biopsy: A small part of the lump is removed using a hollow needle. Once the needle is removed from the patient the tissue inside it is ejected. The size of the biopsies received in the laboratory range I size from approximately 8cm to 0.2cm in diameter. Prognosis The hospital can tell if the patient has breast cancer by simply looking at the tissue through a microscope. If a patient has cancer that the surgeon will carry out another operation to remove the glands under the arm. If cancer is going to spread this is the first place it will go to. After that they will examine each of the glands under a microscope, if there are any malignant cells found I the glands, it shows that the cancer is quite aggressive and is starting to spread. In this case doctors will give the patient drugs to kill off any cancer cells, which 'escaped' to other organs. ...read more.


In our school we are learning, so we can study all three chemistry, biology and physics in one department, but the hospital need to have different departments because different qualified people work at different departments or it will get mixed up and they will have many problems. The hospital's security is high because they are dealing with very important stuff, it is not only an experiment to learn something, which is the case in school but it is working with people's lives and only authorised people can enter labs and prep with their swipe card which they have swipe to go threw the doors. In the hospital they also wears rubber gloves and white jackets this is because of hygienic reasons for the staff and for the patient so there are no infections or disease passed around. They also have very good and expensive equipment this is because they need to have accurate results because whatever they get the patients life will depend upon it. Also the equipment's saves a lot of time. Effectiveness Overall I think the hospital is more effective. The hospital has better equipment's due to larger funds that make the hospital a better and easier place to work at. The equipment will give them better and more reliable results, for example the automatic cover slip machine this will cover the specimen leaving no bubbles. The hospital also has better security so people inside the labs will feel safer and can work with no fear whatsoever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohibur Rahman 10c Lab Comparison Report ...read more.

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