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Outline differences between statutory and independent service provision.

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1.4 Outline difference between statutory and independent service provision. Statutory service Independent service Services that are set up and regulated by the government. Set up by the private sector (independent companies) This means that government has decided that everyone who has a particular need must be able to access the service. They offer paid services of those covered by insurance. Government provides the money to support these services and pay the wages of those who work there. Wages are provided by the corporation. Examples Examples Some of the funding also comes from charges made to service users e.g. prescription charges, dental and optician fees. Support which is founded through fee payment through an insurance company. Some statutory care facilities such hospital and hospices are supported by volunteers. Some independent services also have offers for volunteers. Mental health trust Private hosptal, dentist, optician, Child-minder, Nurseries, crèche, Breakfast club, after school club Social services Private medical and nursing homes The national health service Private residential care 1.3 Give the examples of who would access different types of service provision. ...read more.


Sparrow farm infant & Nursery school Develop a positive self-image, become self-confident and increasingly independent, to learn through a wide range of experiences including Basic Skills, to provide experiences through which children learn to co-operate. SJS home-care services Personal care, personal grooming, domestic care, shopping, pension collection, live in support, 24hour care, , out and about services, blitz cleans. enabling South Ville schools 2000 club Being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution. Range of service provision available in health and social care By Kiran Bedi 1.5 Outline how informal care contributes to service provision. Informal care is care provided by family members, friends and neighbours. There are approximately 7 million carers in the UK. Informal care play an important role in care and they often go unnoticed. Roles:- 1. They help the person wash, bath or shower. 2. They help with toileting, dress. They give out medication. 3. They prepare meals. 4. Baby-sitting. Care providers:- 1. A large number also provide company and keep an eye on the elderly. 2. ...read more.


Domiciliary services for adults, children and young people 3. Residential services for adults, children and young people 4. Day services for adults. 5. Early year 6. Children's care learning and development 7. Supported housing and supported employing 8. Self-directed support 9. Acute hospital services 10. Community hospitals 11. General practitioner services 12. Pharmacy in hospital and community 13. Substance misuse services 14. Complementary health care Independent services 1. Voluntary, not for profit or third sector 2. Private provision 3. Informal- family, friends and neighbours 1.1 Identify the range of services provision for health and social care in your local area: you should include services for: Evidence: you will need to provide a map of your local area and identify these services in your map. 1. Adult 1. SJS home-care services 2. Home aid community care services 1. Children 1. South Ville schools 2000 club 2. Bedfont health clinic 1. Young people 1. Two bridge day centre 2. Feltham dental care 1. Early years 1. Sparrow farm infant school 2. South bedfont playgroup 1. Child care 1. South Ville junior school 2. Sparrow farm infant & nursery school ...read more.

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