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Outline the problems that could occur in health care consultations. Illustrate your answer from the perspectives of both patients and health care provides.

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Outline the problems that could occur in health care consultations. Illustrate your answer from the perspectives of both patients and health care provides. Health care consultations are a part of every day life and society, and therefore have a big effect on all of society. Health care consultations are often filled with problems as they are based upon interpretation. The problems occur from both sides of this interpretation both from the patients and the consultants. There are also many general and practical problems. These can range from the different models of health that contrast and contradict themselves and also ones to do with the National Health Service. Many of the problems that arise in health care consultancies are often patient born. There are often many boundaries between the health care consultants and the patients. These can be ones based on racial, socio-economic status and communication problems. Many people from ethnic minorities may have problems seeing their heath consultant because they do not have the correct knowledge of how to go about seeing a consultant and do not understand the opportunities available. This creates problems which means that minor health problems could potentially turn into larger ones. ...read more.


A major problem is bias and labelling. This is a process, which takes place in every day life and is essential during one to one interactions, such as health care consultancies. Diagnosis is solely based upon the analysis of patients by the consultants and this infers stereotyping and judgement may come into play. However this does not mean judgement on the symptoms only but also judgement of appearance for example the clothes the patient is wearing and even gender and socio- economic background. An example of this may be whereby both a male and female patient may explain the same symptoms such as stress. The male may be diagnosed with overworking and be issued a sick not whilst a female might be prescribed with medication it terms of depression. In this case it is not the symptoms, which define the treatment rather the labelling process that has occurred. The workload that consultants face also plays a part, over working and stress means that the consultant may misdiagnose due to fatigue and therefore cause further problems. It also means that t consultancies may be rushed as the pressure to complete all the work starts to increase. ...read more.


This insinuates that all problems can be solved with medication including psychological ones. Whereas psychologists may oppose this be saying that problems can arise not just from physiological aspects of the human but also psychological one and "the psycho-socio" model states that problems arise from both society and the context which we live in addition to psychological problems. They also state that these problems cannot be solved through blind prescription of drugs but a careful analysis and perhaps even therapeutic techniques. In conclusion, the health care service faces many problems however, many of these an be over come if health care is made more accessible to all people and also if the health service can be made more objective than it has been so far. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that, in a society based upon judgement and stereotype, which it is difficult for consultants to do so and they must be allowed to make mistakes. This point is illustrative. The National Health Service is very good once you can get into it. If you have a serious problem, if you can get past your General practitioner and actually get into a hospital, then there isn't a tremendous shortage of scanners and all kinds of things in the public system. It's getting into the system that is often problematic and most health care consultancies are reliable and efficient. ...read more.

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