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P1: Explain the benefits of diversity to society

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P1: Explain the benefits of diversity to society Social and cultural benefits We are living in a multicultural society which means that the people we are socializing and working with are from different countries and backgrounds from use. By being diverse means that we get to see and experience new and different things such as skills, knowledge, behaviours and beliefs that people will bring with them to the care setting. Also the other things that are a benefit of diversity are: * Arts * Food * Tolerance * Education The arts: Different cultures and beliefs may be shown through art or have some sort of art work that represents and means a lot to people. ...read more.


Tolerance: By being in a multicultural society means that you will find many people that would do things differently to you and may have different beliefs from you. This means that we have to be able to understand this and treat people with respect even though we don't have to be friends with everyone. In the care home we insure that our members of staff behave in a professional and caring manner towards both other staff and service users. Education: Different cultures may have different ways of doing things and celebrate different events and with the education system we are able to educate others about these different cultures and the wide range of foreign languages. ...read more.


By employing and working with people from overseas in health and social care settings means that there would be a variety of knowledge and systems that would allow service users to receive more information and faster service. Employment: An opportunity for employment is open to people when an individual from another country comes and uses their new skills and knowledge to start a new business. For example in one country someone might by using a type of therapy that isn't used in this country so if they came down here and opened up their own place it means that people that are employed get to learn about the new therapy which means that they gain new skills and knowledge that they could also pass on. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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