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P1 & M1 - Communication In A Scientfic Workplace

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´╗┐Task 1 & Task 2 Procedure Practise Reason Communication between Staff When working as a Quality Control technician having good Communication between staff is important because if equipment breaks or you test the product/service and it is not up to the set standard you should be able to contact someone to have the appropriate action taken place. This means you need to be social and talk to others as well as have access to a work email account with the appropriate email address stored. To Inform staff of any issues that may or have occurred during the production line. Maintaining equipment When working as a Quality Control technician Maintaining equipment is important because you need to make sure when checking the quality the equipment is correctly calibrated and had it recorded in a logbook for legal reasons. You also need to make sure before you use the equipment you?re trained correctly to use it. If you?re a school based technician then make sure it is PAT tested to eliminate chances of it hurting students. Make sure you know how to report breakages so it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible. ...read more.


?The particular routines that are carried out in the workplace. ?Depending if the team is spread over a large site or multiple sites ?If the team is split into smaller groups carrying out a particular job or at particular times of the day or night. Hierarchy In a science lab the main reasons for talking on a day to day basis are: * Reporting of results * Scientific Terminology * Security * Roles & Responsibilities * Your place on the team Reporting of results - Results generated in a workplace will need to be specific to that workplace. They may be results of research performed by colleagues or results generated for the use of outside people. Whatever the results are they must only be communicated to those who need to know them, this is done for security reasons. Internal results will more than likely are reported through the use of notebooks or printouts from the lab equipment and at team meetings. These results may be gathered together to produce a report on completion of the research. Unless there are reasons for urgent results to be communicated directly to another person such as a doctor, results will go through an office procedure where they are written up and copied to the recipient. ...read more.


* Notice Board?s * Presentation * Training * Signage * Video * Verbal The communication used by most people is verbal all though that does not mean the rest aren?t as important. Task 4 Different methods of communicating in the workplace Reasons for method of communication Why this method must be clear Email Fast & cost effective method of contacting one or more people. Allows personal space and can provide many uses. So that people can understand what is trying to be said. Phone Quick way to be able to talk to people that may not be able to see you face to face. Secure and can many uses. So people can hear what you?re saying and understand why you?re saying that. Talking Way to have clear and concise verbal is an essential part of day to day communication and to remind of health and safety at work. So people can hear what you?re saying and understand why you?re saying that. Letters Way to send out results and information that is not urgent depending on how it?s sent i.e. handed out, posted. So people understand and make sense with grammar and spelling checked. Meetings Way to make a difference to your job and the whole site you work on. Can convey loads of information to a wide audience. To make sure people are happy and safe. Page ...read more.

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