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P2 Describe origins of public health in the UK.

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P2 - Describe origins of public health in the UK. The origins of public health consist of The public health act (1848) - In 1848 the public health act was made to enable sufficient sanitary conditions were provided to ensure water, drainage, sewer, and clean pavements in populated areas and locations within the United Kingdom. London in 1848 had their own sewer commissioners, this particular act put the general board of health in place, which was instrumental in making sure that public health policies were administered and carried out. Edwin Chadwick was the first commissioner of this board and the public health act is has a strong connection and relation with him. ...read more.


country's poverty relief system, this hadn't been changed since 1601 and arose as a result of the findings of the social reformers Edwin Chadwick, George Nichols and Nassau William senior who had been commissioned in 1832 to look at the operation of the poor laws, judgments or means testing people under these laws had previously meant that people went to the work house if they were unable to support themselves. Many people died due to harsh working and living conditions and poor health. The National Health Service - The national health service of 1948 like today treated every citizen regardless and more fairly without means testing which was the case previously. ...read more.


Statistics revealed that people in social class V (party skilled workers and unskilled workers) were more likely to die from coronary and lung related illnesses due to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking and inadequate or poorly nutritious diets than people in social class 1 such as professional, managerial workers for instance doctors, and lawyers. The 21st century - The government set up a ten year programme of reforms in a white paper called the new NHS this was put into place as the NHS place in July 2000. The main points included creation of approximately 500 primary care groups, teams of GP's and community nurses, covering populations of 100,000 to take responsibility of the NHS budget from April 1999. These primary care trusts will provide all the normal GP services as well as taking over the running of local community hospitals. ...read more.

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