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P3: Explain in the potential effect of discriminatory practice on those who use health or social care service

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P3: Explain in the potential effect of discriminatory practice on those who use health or social care service Bases of discrimination Culture: The family are experiencing discrimination against their culture from their neighbours. This is because the family may have different views and believes, dress differently and eat certain types of food that other people may not know about and understand. This is based on the social interactions that they have been brought up in and their community that they lived in. because of the behaviour that their neighbours are showing the Hussein family feel that they cant make any friends and go out so they keep themselves to themselves. Health status: The Hussein family have a physically disabled grandmother that is 85 years of age which means that she should be receiving free medical service. Sometimes in health and social care settings people may be discriminated against depending on who is more ill than others. Because of this the grandmother may not receive the care that she requires or may be kept waiting for a long time to receive treatment. ...read more.


This could then affect the care that they receive Bulling: This is when someone uses their power or position to intimidate another individual. The Hussein family have already been abused verbally, called names and had racist remarks by the neighbours. In a health and social care service bully could also take place by care workers using threatening words, nicknames, offensive jokes and personal, physical or verbal attacks. Abuse: Abusive behaviour can harm or damage individuals in different ways such as physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse or sexual abuse. In health and social care service a lack of staff training and support can lead staff into abusing the service users as they aren't aware of what is seen as abuse. This may mean that the Hussein family may experience abuse in the health and social care service. They already seem to be experiencing this by their neighbours who call them offensive names. Effects Marginalisation: This is when people are being pushed to the margin of society. The family haven't had any help by health and social care services with dealing with depression and stress they have due to discrimination. ...read more.


The Hussein family may feel like they have restricted opportunities because they have been discriminated against on their values and beliefs by their neighbours. Also the grandma in the family is physically disabled so if health and social care serve don't have lifts, ramps or things that make it easier for those with disabilities then this means that they wouldn't have the same opportunity those who don't have disabilities. Loss of rights Overriding individual rights: There are two ways to override individual rights, unlawfully which is when a carer discriminating against a service user and doesn't respect their rights and legitimately which is when someone like a doctors takes away an individuals right of safety and well being of the service user. By the use of power and force: This is when a care worker discriminates against patients and overriding their individual rights by the use of power and force. The neighbours of the family have taken away the family's rights by discriminating against them and taking away their rights of being respected and feeling safe. If the council help the family to have their rights respected then the family would feel much safer and would have the confidence to leave the house. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This report is very basic. It demonstrates little subject knowledge and understanding focusing in on the family being discrimination against by the neighbours. There is some awareness of the factors that lead to discrimination evident. there needs to be research and references added to this to make it a valid report. **

Marked by teacher Michelle Turrell 01/03/2013

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