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P6: Explain two examples of multi-disciplinary working in health service provision -2 case studies - arthritis and pregnancy

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´╗┐Jessica Bascombe Unit 18: Working In The Health Sector P6: Explain two examples of multi-disciplinary working in health service provision Mrs. Cullen is 55 years old and has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis In Mrs. Cullen's case she has to be provided a key worker who would be working with her by ensuring that all her need is met and also involve other multidisciplinary team and inter-agency team within the health and social care setting to take part in conducting a care plan for Mrs. Cullen during the her care planning process. The care worker would get other discipline and agency involve in Mrs. Cullen's case because she was bought from the hospital into the care home so therefore they know much about her medical condition and the type of care she require; it also ensure that beneficial approaches are devised in order to meet her specific needs, and also improve her state of well-being. The following groups of multidisciplinary team and inter-agency would be involved in Mrs. Cullen's case: Multidisciplinary teams include: Radiographic: These teams are very important member involve in the care planning process Mrs. Cullen, this team provide certain level of care for Mrs. Cullen?s case because they only provide limited care as they use X-ray to diagnose the type of arthritis together with the signs and symptoms of her condition. ...read more.


would review her condition to see if the care home is staying is suitable for her and if it's any beneficial for her staying there or not. Multidisciplinary and inter-agency teams contribute to the care planning process carried out for Mrs. Cullen, all these members of team are including in the assessing and implementing the specific medical treatments that would best suit Mrs. Cullen's situation. The multidisciplinary and interagency team come together in order to provide a best form of care for Mrs. Cullen they do this by communicating using the holistic approach on whatever step they are going to take concerning Mrs. Cullen. The two team identify the specific needs of Mrs. Cullen and then compromise and set satisfying goals that they all feels would best meet her needs with high standard and considering her rights, choice, values and belief. Mrs. Black is 17 years old and is pregnant Connexions: Is designed to help all young people aged 13?19 with a particular focus on those who need help most and those at risk of being socially excluded, including teenage mothers and teenage fathers. The service is usually offered through a single point of contact, a Personal Advisor, who provides ongoing support until the young person?s 20th birthday. It can include advice or assistance to overcome barriers to learning and brokering of access to support services including housing, benefits and sexual health and to relevant grants and allowances such as the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) ...read more.


During your first visit, the doctor will ask you lots of questions, including the date of your last period. This helps the doctor work out how long you have been pregnant and your due date. Health visitor: A health visitor is a nurse who has had extra training in child development and health promotion and who works in the community, either with a specific GP practice (or practices) or within a specific area. Health visitors will give support and advice to Miss Black until the child is the age of 5 and have a role in protecting the health of the whole community. They have experience and knowledge about what?s going on in your area. Miss Black Health Visitor will be available to give her help, support her to overcome any difficulties and answer any questions or concerns she may have with breastfeeding her baby. Miss Black can visit her health visitor at the baby clinic, or he or she may come to meet her for the first time while she is still pregnant. Her health visitor also makes home visits. Paediatrician: A doctor who specializes in babies and children, neonatologist is a paediatrician who specializes in newborn babies. If there are any worries about your baby?s health, a paediatrician may be present at the birth. A paediatrician may also check your baby over before you go home from hospital, although this is increasingly being done by midwives who have completed training in this specialized area of care. ...read more.

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