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Personal and Professional Development

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P2 AT SCHOOL AT THE START OF THE COURSE NOW...AFTER STUDYING H AND SC KNOWLEDGE In school I did not study health and social care. The closest subject I studied to health and social care was Citizenship. I enjoyed this subject and wished to study further in something which was related to citizenship. The knowledge I had with care was very limited and I did not know much about it before I began to study health and social care. All I knew was that this course was designed for people who wish to work in the care sector and provide public services for people of all ages. So I knew that this might be the right course for me and I decided to try it out. At the beginning of the course I had only a brief description of what this course was about and the type of jobs and careers one can follow after the completion of the course. I knew this course was regarding social care for people from all age groups. I did not know how I would be taught as I had just left school and had expected to be taught the way I was at school. However, it was more difficult with homework constantly being given out and a lot of independent work had to be done. I was not very confident about my chosen course. I have started to really enjoy this course and I have learnt a lot of interesting and useful information. ...read more.


However, from practice I have the required skills to babysit and find it quite enjoyable and it is a fun hobby of mines. I never had any interest in cooking and hated to spend my time cooking up any dish in the kitchen. My mom sometimes used to try to get me to learn how to cook. As I am the only daughter, I am the only one available to help my mom with her chores and the babysitting. However, I did all that I possibly could to avoid work at all times and even loved to spend extra time in school so I can get away from it all. I had no skills with the work and was not interested or determined to learn. A short period of time came when my mom had to go abroad. This meant that I was the only girl in my family who can possibly do the house chores and feed my family. My dad is capable of doing so. However, he works long hours and has no time. So during this time I realized how essential it is for me to have basic cooking skills to use at times like this. No one had taught me to cook; I myself experimented and put all that I know into practice. I was not very good and no one enjoyed my food. Due to many family circumstances abroad, my parents had to take more frequent trips abroad. ...read more.


I thought that I was going to become a teacher no matter what. After school I began to look at the large range of career pathways and all the various areas one can go into. Many new and interesting jobs I found which were first unheard of had caught my eyes. I found science a subject of my interest in school, and so was told by family and friends that I should go into a career involving science. I first was interested in nursing. As I am very fond of animals, my next choice was to become a vet! However, my interest in sciences died off and I did not do well in my GCSE's. So from all these choices, my final decision was to go into the health and social care sector! I have In mind the career opportunities I have after studying and successfully passing this course. After studying it I can go into anything within social work and work with people from all ages. I first wanted to work with children as I adore them. My decision at the moment is to become a social worker and to work with children from babies to adolescence. I change my mind often as to what career path I would like to take, and for this reason I have a feeling my choices might again change into another course which can be completely different and opposite to what I am studying at the moment. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5 ...read more.

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