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Personal Development and Reflective Learning as a health care worker

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐UNIT 1: Personal Development and Reflective learning In this assignment, i will do a CPD portfolio which includes my profile, my swot analysis, any personal and development goals together with any completed action plan. I will also be reflecting on my personal and professional development and how this has contributed to take the responsibility of others. I will also give an overall conclusion of my own experience at the end of each reflective practice. Personal profile My name is Mr J, am 27 years old and I live in Surrey. I worked in a care setting as a health care assistant but recently got promoted to senior carer. For me, I consider this job to be a noble one because there is nothing greater than helping people. I also regularly display initiative and I have proved myself to be flexible in all my jobs and adaptable completing all tasks whilst maintaining a cheerful outlook and a keen sense of humor. I am also enjoying the new role but there are lots of responsibilities as well. This is a brief description of my job roles:- * Deliver direct care to clients * Work in a multi-disciplinary team * Participate in the implementation of care plans and therapeutic guidelines in order to enable clients to achieve maximum independence, health and self-esteem. ...read more.


Then I made sure that his need was met by taking him to the toilet. Afterwards the client was calmer and appeared happy. At the end of the assessment i had a review with my care-coordinator and he was happy the way i used my knowledge and skills in approaching the client. i was delighted from his comments and this proved the achievement of all the practice, trainings and hard work i did. We then discussed the parts of my new role that had gone really well and the things that maybe could have gone better. For example, I have had staffing issues within the team, as one staff member has been on long-term sick and, as we have had to use agency staff, this has at times placed pressure on the other staff by their having to work with staff who are not permanent members of the team. This has at times caused tension within the team. I have discussed this with the team - both individually at their supervision and at team meetings - to make sure I have all their opinions/feedback on record and that any extra duties are delegated fairly between the team. ...read more.


For a week, i have been showing her the practical work and even after my shift so as to continue with the theory work. It took her a while to digest everything but finally got a grip on it. Apart from our meeting, i also recommended her some books and internet sites that would be useful for her training. Afterwards we then discussed any related problems and how this can be overcame. Overall i was happy on how far she came and it was very satisfying for me. I have been able to share my professional skills and knowledge to someone who needed it. This definitely has increased my confidence, self-esteem and i feel proud. CONCLUSION Through these experiences, my vision of caring has been strengthened, building on the insights gained from placements, trainings and others. By always reflecting on my work has enriched my practice and enabled me to develop new skills. It has enabled me to face the barriers that as a student impeded my practice. This has built me as a person to provide effective care and i am ready to challenge my actions and develop new ideas. Definitely after all the things that I?ve learnt and i still need to learn, i am sure with hard work and dedication, with time i will become an effective worker, wiser, more compassionate and skilful. ...read more.

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