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Personal Response to "Telling Stories: Nurses, politics and Aboriginal Australians, circa 1900-1980s" by Sue Forsyth in Contemporary Nurse, 24 (1):33-44

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NSB113: Diversity and Health: Introduction to Indigenous and Multicultural perspectives Assessment Item 1.2: Reflective Journal. Use this document to write your responses. Complete, print and submit in Week 6 at your tutorial. If There Is A Good Reason For Not Attending The Tutorial To Submit The Item: KG Students Can Submit The Item To The NSB113 Mailbox, Located On L3, N Block. PLEASE DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR TUTOR. Caboolture Students Please Arrange With Your Tutor DO NOT DELETE THE MATERIAL BELOW-YOUR MARKER NEEDS IT Student's Name: Gabby Brett Tutor's Name: Step 1: After Tutorial 2 in week 4 Reflect on the reading Forsyth, Sue 2007, Telling Stories: Nurses, politics and Aboriginal Australians, circa 1900-1980s, Contemporary Nurse, 24 (1):33-44 (available on the CMD). Think about each of the time periods outlined in the article 1900s-1950s; 1950s-1972, 1972-1980 and complete the following items: For each time period: * Describe what may have been happening to your family or people in your cultural group at that time. If you know your family history for some sections you can use that, but you may need to draw on historical sources to complete this item. If so please use a correct referencing technique. ...read more.


When it became clear that the aboriginal culture would not die out and become extinct a policy of integration was established. It was expected that the aboriginal population would leave behind their culture, their language and their heritage and live within the white society adopting white culture and beliefs. This was expected to occur without the benefit of equal rights, citizenship and privileges. This made the policy unrealistic and impractical. Understandably the aboriginal population was unenthusiastic and outraged at the expectations placed on them and the sacrifices that were expected to make. The majority of the white population who were thriving in development and growth lived without the awareness of this policy and the impact on a culture and race that was historically overlooked. Finally from 1972 my white family was enjoying peace and prosperity whereas the Indigenous were fighting for citizenship, the vote and independence. My white ancestors automatically enjoyed Australian citizenship as they were born here. In contrast in 1967 the indigenous population finally received citizenship in a nation that was always their own. During this era they were finally recognized as a distinct cultural group with the rights to determine their own future. ...read more.


It was horrifying to me to discover when this culture received the vote, citizenship and independence. It is not history, it is an ongoing battle. For a country that is considered to thrive on equality, it is clear that we have a long way to go. Word count: 217 Markers will use the following guide when awarding the marks: * Were all the aspects of the worksheet completed? * Consider the quality and depth of responses. * Is there evidence of developing self-awareness and self-reflection relating to learning? * Has the student demonstrated the capacity to make connections between personal experience and new material presented? * Is there evidence of some connection between self-reflection and the achievement of learning objectives (for this worksheet Objective 2 and 5 as stated in the Unit Outline is relevant) generic skills and/or graduate attributes. * Presentation: Student and tutor name; 12 pt. font; double line spaced; word count for EACH section. Notes on Grading: No part marks will be given 2 marks awarded for submission and correct presentation + 14 marks for content and completeness of the entries Total out of 16 marks = Marker's Signature: Date: Comments ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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