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personal statement

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From a young age the idea of working in the medical field has gripped me. The world we live in has fascinated me throughout my life but at 6 years old when my grandfather passed away I decided I wanted to 'help the sick people'. My interest in the human body has grown with more curiosity while studying Human biology and Chemistry at Sixth Form College. I decided these subjects were suitable to further my knowledge in the medical field. For my third subject I chose Sociology, this subject has enabled me to have a greater awareness of society and understand why people behave in the manner that they do. It has also helped me to appreciate the variation in socioeconomic levels, why people live the lifestyles they do and I think this will enable me to bring empathy to the role of the paramedic. ...read more.


As a girl guide I completed my first aid award. Then in the summer of 2003 I spent the summer on a ST John's ambulance undertaking the first aid in the community award. Besides my interest in medicine, I enjoy shopping, reading and working at my part time job that enables me some financial independence. I also enjoy spending time with children, during my first year at 6th form college, I was involved in the Millennium volunteer's scheme, every Wednesday afternoon for one term I visited a local primary school and did some further work experience. I also have a passion for dance; I have danced all my life and feel a sense of freedom that I can find no other place when I dance. ...read more.


I was working as a deputy for my cousin who at the festival is a stage manager, in everyday life she is a Sister at Bristol A and E department. This meant at the festival she was asked to attend to patients before the paramedics could get to the scene. As her deputy I assisted her in these emergencies. At the festival I experienced a less pleasant side to emergency medicine; I was vomited on, saw patients that had overdosed on illegal substances and held the hand of a woman in labour and following all this I still plan to become a Paramedic. The course structure that will prepare me to become a professional is exceptional. I love a challenge and I believe becoming an emergency practitioner will present challenges unlike no other profession. One must be caring, inquisitive but above all dedicated and I believe I possess these qualities and skills. ...read more.

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