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Physiological disorder

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Physiological disorder Patient with Asthma Mrs Serena Rose is a single mum of two daughters one is 10 years old and the other one is 5 years old, her husband has died and it was very difficult for her to deal with the loss of her family member. Serena has started to smoke after her husband died without quitting it once, this has brought her a lot of stress recently and very difficult for her to breathe. Serena went outside to do physical exercise so she can loose weight as she though she was over weight. When she started running she found herself short breath and when she stopped she could hardly breathe. She found it really difficult to sleep at night time as she felt tightness in her chest. She got really worried and she decided to go to see her GP doctor. When she went to her GP her doctor advised her to take some tests to see what was wrong with her respiratory system and especially the airways, then she found out that she developed asthma she was given an inhaler to keep with her at all times wherever she goes. She was put on the normal dosage because her asthma is not as bad as others. She was also given a peak flow to keep beside her bed while she sleeps; this is to make sure that she has one at arms length in case of an asthma attack; as asthma can get worse at night. Mrs Serena Rose understood that her asthma condition will never disappear and she has to make a life style change to her life and especially for her two daughters because in many cases if parents suffer from asthma the condition will be passed to the children and aseptically when smoking around her children. The damage that asthma has cause to the organ is affected by mainly he lungs as that is where the air we breath passes through to get to the heart. ...read more.


so it can allow air to enter the person lungs more easily and also when the person takes the inhaler the symptoms will decrease for asthma. The drugs that the inhaler contains are called bronchodilators like I said before they will wide the bronchi air way so the air can go through the lungs of the individual. There are many different inhaler devices that contain the same drugs for asthma. Preventer inhalers If the individuals want the symptoms to stop developing they will have to take the inhaler every single day, the drug that is usually used in the inhalers is called steroids. The steroids job is to reduce the inflammation in the airways; this is a positive thing because when the inflammation will reduce there will be less symptoms for the person and less narrowed. Individuals that use inhalers don't have side effects but however the standard inhaler doses the small amount of drugs compared to liquid tablets. However, those on a higher dose one problem that might occur when using a steroid inhaler also known as presenters is that the back of the throat may get sore, infections in the mouth may develop inside an individual. If the individual uses a high dose inhaler for a long time it can be a risk factor for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can be overcome by changing life style like not smoking, doing daily physical exercise and eating good dietary food. If there are children that use an inhaler their growth should me monitored before they use one, this is because the doctor needs to ensure that their growth is appropriate for the inhaler because if the growth isn't properly developed the drugs may get into the body and cause growth development. Nebulisers A nebulizer, also known as an atomizer, is a machine that vaporizes liquid medication into a fine mist to be inhaled into the lungs via a mouthpiece or mask. ...read more.


Changes to health Individuals that suffer from coronary heart disease don't have permanent cure in their health, there is a risk that changes are being made or found to health,. The medication that has to be taken regularly can allow the individual to carry out simple tasks but at the same time it doesn't protect individuals from getting kidney failure this is because the high level of salt like potassium sodium that are found in our blood. These causes cannot be produced in the coronary heart disease symptoms that show to know which organs can be affected or not. Changes to heath Asthma does not damage a lot of you health as it's not a life threatening disease. However anyone that suffers form asthma is close to an attack at any time of the day without the person when knowing. This can happen by the safest daily environmental affects like dust in the streets or pollution that can cause and block our lungs. The change of either is another cause like cold air that we breathe in can affect our lungs. People that suffer from asthma should be aware of the pollution in their environment. As it can be a bad cause to their disorder and their lungs. Similarities Differences Between asthma and coronary heart disease there are similarities like people who have a disorder are prone to infection. Individuals who CHD could die during a heart by pass; this is not always the case as most heart by pass is successfully. They cannot do anything that is sternson that can affect their body in major way or cause them an asthma r heart attack Individuals that have CHD are more likely to visit the hospital more often for regular check ups and those who suffer from asthma only visit the GP for inhaler. They are both to change their lifestyle because of the disorder while they are in a long term affect on their health and well being. Individuals that suffer form CHD have a major amount of chance of getting infected with bacteria like MRSA from places like hospitals. ...read more.

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