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Planning and provision of healthcare services

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´╗┐Planning and provision of services Introduction Demographics are the characteristics of human population which are age, employment, gender and so on. I will need to choose two demographic factors for my coursework. This will be age and health issues. I will be talking about how the planning is influenced by both of these demographic factors as well as identifying the universal services that are needed. I will be researching the services needed in a particular area which will be Oadby and Wigston. In addition to how they meet the needs of the population. I will be looking at what demographic factors fit which people. I will focus on every child matters for my national standard. I will be talking about what are the main aims of the national standard as well as what services fit with the national standard. I will be centring on how the national standard meets the needs of service users at a local level. I will be adding how they improved the lives of children and what will they do in the future to promote health as well as what Oadby and Wigston need to think about in the future to make sure the services meet the needs of the population. I will also be talking about what the role of primary care trust I will also be looking at what are the purpose of polices and legislation as well as how do policy and legislation changes affect health and social and educational services. I must put in how practitioners view policy and legislation along with how might policy and legislation affect the work that practitioner do. ...read more.


A big contract of the monitoring and evaluation of planning and provision of services will be handled by the foundation hospitals themselves. They will have the access to money, to utilize staff and to locate funds. The monitoring and evaluation of the provision offered by the foundation hospitals will be approved by themselves and by strategic health authorities. The organisation of health and social care statutory services is currently department of health then strategic health authority, this is the leadership and performance management then is primary care organisation, this is major purchaser and provider in the healthcare. Lastly NHS trust, this is a provider of secondary care and specialist services in hospital. Methods that can be used for monitoring and evaluation can include questionnaires, interviews, observations and statistics. In the local area, there are more old people than young people. They have estimated that there will be 97% of old people aged 65+. In 2009, 95% of old people were aged 65 or more. Therefore, elderly people are living longer as a result of this there will a bigger need for services such as residential homes. Elderly are more likely to develop health problems. Instead people are living to ages where what had previously been uncommon conditions in a relatively small number of elderly people are becoming the dominant causes of illness and mortality (4) Health issues arise from migration and the social status of migrants. There are citizens legally permitted to travel and work as they wish within the other member states. ...read more.


Demographic sometimes enables improvement in health care sectors and provides more services so that everyone is eventually happy and healthy. Without the demographic factors, practitioner would not know how to improve the health care sector. This provides a guide for practitioners to follow as well promoting a better standard of care. The services are fit for a purpose to have more patient?s means more funding towards. The practitioner will put the main funding in areas where patient got to more often so for example women patient tend to go to breast cancer clinics and maternity ward so they put most the funding in there because they want to maintain the amount of patient as well gain more. If they gain more patients that means they will have more funding. It is important for planners and decision makers to know the structure and distribution of the population, as well as how it changed in recent years. For pupils at the age of 19 and under, educational planning cannot be separated from the consideration about dynamics of the population i.e. its growth and change because it deals with a target population, which is constantly changing numbers.there are a population that is aged 65 and more with predicted depression. In 2008,It is estimated that between 1070 and 1605 people have depression. I hope in the future, there will be a cure for depression so more people can live an ordinary life and work which I will balance the population and then employed people won?t have to pay for all of the finance for the elderly Reference 1. http://www.educationforallinindia.com/use-of-demographic-modules-in-education.htm 2. http://www.lsr-online.org/reports/leicestershire_joint_strategic_needs_assessment_jsna_2012_full_length 3.. http://keithhennessey.com/2009/06/23/demographics-is-bigger/ 4. http://www.healthknowledge.org.uk/public-health-textbook/health-information/3a-populations/demographic-changes 5. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/dec/16/public-services-policy-review-decade 6. https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationDetail/Page1/DfES/1081/2004 ...read more.

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