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Policies in a care setting help protect the service users as they state what good practice is, and so the staff is in no doubt as to what standard of care the service users are to expect.

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Polices Policies in a care setting help protect the service users as they state what good practice is, and so the staff is in no doubt as to what standard of care the service users are to expect. Policies give information to Care Workers and can be used in a disciplinary issue when a member of staff continually refuses to follow the procedures laid down. Policies may be quoted when a person has not followed a process/procedure and the Manager is disciplining the care worker and giving them a verbal/written warning. Policies on confidentiality are policies such as staff have a duty to keep personal information about service users safe and confidential. ...read more.


The Codes of Practice describes the standards of professional conduct which is expected of them by their own employers, colleagues, cares, service user, patients and general public within their day-to-day work activities for social care workers. Social workers must promote the interests of their service users and protect their rights. This includes: * Respecting and, where suitable, promoting individuals views and wishes of carers and the service users. * Treating everyone as an individual * Support the service users rights to control their own lives and be a judge of their own decisions on the service they are receiving * Promoting equal opportunities for the carers and service uses * Maintaining and respecting carers and the service users dignity * Maintaining and respecting carers and the service users privacy * Respecting diversity and ...read more.


The charter has a complaints procedure which is for service users if they are not happy with the service the care home is providing them with. There is also a health and safety section which suggests how the service users will be treated in case of an emergency. This charter makes service users aware of what they will expect in this health setting. This will make them more aware any of situations. This charter shows them how to complain if they have any problems, this will make them more confident and they will feel safe in this care home as they know what to do in case of any problems or emergencies. This will help raise their self esteems. This charter will show them are they will not be discriminated against and that they have rights which will help protect them. ...read more.

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