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Potential Hazards in College Laboratory

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Key Legislation & Guidelines How they influence health, safety and security in my work setting. Name of legislation in this column. Description of how it influences health safety and security in the setting. RIDDOR RIDDOR is the regulation for which accident is reported whether how sever the incident may be. This is logged and taken serious so it will prevent upcoming incident from occurring assuring the safety of well beings. Fire Legislation Fire legislation has a yearly testing on equipment to prevent a spread of fire which could cause drastic outcomes. Fire extinguisher, fire alarms and fire exits must be secure and ready to use in an event of fire. This is to prevent any death and securing the safety of well being in the setting. First Aid First Aid is important in the influence of health in a working setting. It provides the immediate support during a incident. It provide the care needed whether how serious it may be. This applies to everyone even the self employed. ...read more.


In regards of PPE, personal protective equipments, the purpose is to avoid any dangerous or harmful contact to any body parts including the vital organs such as the eyes. By wearing the protective equipment, such as goggles or lab coat, they are securing the safety of themselves. It is protecting the organs. The chances of getting hurt while wearing the protective equipment will significantly be reduced. Uniform policy has many purposes into which why it is worn. By wearing the expected uniform the school demands, it is ensuring you are a member of the building and not tress passing the premises. In other reasons, it helps separate the bacteria away from the public as lab coat are generally worn within a laboratory and laboratory is manifested with many microorganisms. It is a security to stop a spread of disease. Medical policy gives people a quick intake of medicine when critically needed. ...read more.


COSHH ensure all dangerous substances to be kept safe and not to be reached easily. This ensures the safety of pupil who may encounter it by accident. This is to be kept within a locked cabinet where all dangerous substances are not easily reached. Effectiveness of Policies and Procedures at promoting health safety and security. PPE is very useful in the protection of health and safety of individual well being. It provides the essential need to protect the vital organs such as the eyes. Without the equipment, such as goggles, people will be in victim to suffer injuries and may be irreversible. There is a policy where no lab coat, no taking part. This is for safety precaution for the person and for the public. However, there may not be enough goggles to go around so it cannot always be applied. GLP applies to how people should act and do within the suggested area. Everything is reported from the slightest problem to ensure quality Uniform Policy Medical Policy Challenging Behaviour ?? ?? ?? ?? Calvin Chan AA09267 - Health & Safety ...read more.

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