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Potential reasons why an individual may enter the looked after system. Unit 10 Assignment 1

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´╗┐Betc Level 3 in Health and Social Care Extended Diploma. Unit 10 Assignment 1. Caring for Children and Young People. Potential reasons why an individual may be removed from the home to be looked after by the local authority. The Children Act 1989, a currently enacted piece of legislation which aims to provide a legal requirement for local authority services with respect to children?s homes, community homes, voluntary homes and to make provision with respect to fostering, child minding and day care for young children and adoption, Introduces the concept of a looked after child. A looked after child is an individual under the age of 21, but generally 16 or 18 dependent on the external risks, whom has been placed under a care order or has moved into voluntary care. ...read more.


who lived in the area died and the child has no remaining carer the local authority would be required take responsibility for the minor. In other cases the UK Border Agency has the powers to offer leave to remain to minors under the age of 17 ½ on a refugee, humanitarian or discretionary basis. This leave of remain will last between 30 months or 5 years or until they are 17 ½, which ever is shorter. A third reason for an individual to enter into the looked after system is they have repeatedly committed offences and have been place into a young offender’s institution. ...read more.


This can often happen due to factors such as the parent?s mental health, Addiction, domestic abuse, behavioural issues or learning difficulties. Most family breakdowns can be mitigated by use of alternative services such as respite and counselling and do not require the individual to be permanently looked after. A sixth reason for an individual to enter into the looked after system is they are suffering from mental health issues causing secondary issues such as malnourishment, due to self fasting, anorexia and bulimia, Addiction to drugs or alcohol or constantly causing harm to their bodies. These issues would be dealt with by specialist clinics such as residential rehabilitation centres, residential eating disorder clinics or in patient hospitalisation in a secure mental health clinic. ...read more.

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