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Promoting A Health Environment For Children - Stimulating Activities

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[E6] + [D1] + [C1] There were many things to consider while this activity took place at my setting. We had to ensure that the weather was suitable for children to play outside as if it was raining or thundering the children may catch a cold or get hurt, it was rather cloudy but not too cold so I helped the children put on some waterproof clothing and gloves to keep them warm. The number of children and supervisors had to be considered as the ratio had to be correct to safeguard the children, but not too many children wanted to go outside so each supervisor was able to supervise the correct amount of children. We had to consider a range of activities for children to play to keep them happy and allow them to get exercise, so we began racing up and down to get their heart beating and improve their health. We had to consider the resources to allow them to get a sufficient amount of exercise, such as balls and scooters; also we prepared some building blocks next to a basketball hoop so that the children could climb up the blocks and throw the ball through the hoop. ...read more.


I had to consider which resources I needed, such as blunt knives and various chopping boards. I had to consider many hygiene routines to ensure the children were safe from infection and contamination, as well as considering many policies such as using a different chopping board for different food to ensure there is no cross-contamination. I had to remind children of many health and safety policies such as not putting the knives or food in their mouths because it could harm them and cause infection to spread. This activity allowed the children to create a healthy meal that could be eating at lunch time and it promoted the children's hygiene and their health, as eating healthy food and snacks will increase their personal and physical health. I followed many procedures that had been set by my setting, for example I carried out many of the children's hygiene routines as I allowed them to thoroughly wash their hands before and after this activity. I followed many food procedures such as using different chopping boards for the different types of food and using clean knives for each food. The procedures of my setting are set by government legislation and legislation such as The Childcare Act 2006 states that children have the right to be healthy and preparing health snacks to increase their personal health is obeying this legislation. ...read more.


My first activity was very much like a Forest School session, which allows children to use teamwork to develop their social and emotional skills through physical exercise and outdoor play to stay fit and healthy. Forest schools sessions have affected planning in many settings in various ways since they were introduced. Many areas of the National Curriculum such as the EYFS statutory framework are covered in the Forest Schools experience without the programmes needing to be curriculum led. According to Forest Schools "The less stressful environment of the forest allows for a more rounded development". "The Reggio Emilia approach can be seen as an extension of the "whole Language" approach as well as an entire array of creative media that are considered as "other languages". It is a way of using children's many ways of expressing themselves to enhance their creative, social and cognitive development." According to Reggio Inspired. Settings will now plan stimulating activities to allow children to learn through their own experiences. My setting allows children to learn through their senses, for example in my second activity I allowed children to touch the food, smell and even taste the food to allow them to explore through their senses. ?? ?? ?? ?? Promoting A Health Environment For Children Unit 6 Name: Joseph Dormer Centre Number: 400.00 Pin Number: 10/682139 Page ...read more.

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