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Promoting equality and diversity in healthcare and the role of confidentiality

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Factors that support and inhibit communication Promoting equality and diversity Equality and diversity is very important part in our society and it is essential to have as everyone has the right to be treated appropriately as each individual is different to one another. This may be particularly related to the people who may be vulnerable to prejudice and discrimination by others such as racism. Having equality means that people in the society will have the chance to speak out their voice and give every individual person a chance to fulfil their potential. On the other hand, diversity means understanding and promoting that each individual is unique and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio- economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safer positive and nurturing environment. It is also about the understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. Equality and diversity makes people recognise, respect and value the differences that people have. Promoting equality should remove discrimination in all of the aforementioned areas. Bullying, harassment or victimization is also considered as equality and diversity issues. ...read more.


There are quite a lot of laws that deal with equality and diversity. But those two are the most important law that needs to be taken into consideration in the care setting. Maintaining confidentiality Confidentiality means that keeping information that has been given by a specific person, secure and secret from other people. Maintaining confidentiality is very important aspect of building trust between two or more people. It is vital within care setting that confidentiality is felt between the patients and staff as this helps to build strong relationship and trust within both the staff and the patients. If a person is able to trust the person that they are talking to then they are more likely to discuss more things with them as respecting the services user's thoughts and beliefs. The main important thing is that teachers, doctors, managers should keep the information provided by the patients, students and employees kept private for different reasons. For example to maintain a person's dignity as some of the information that they may be sharing with their doctor may be embarrassing to the patients. Also computerized communication can be used as a form of trust as passwords can be used to ensure the security of documents files and personal information. This is good because only the person needing to know the information can have the password. ...read more.


For instance if there was a Christian nurse but the nurse ignored to check up the Muslim patients then it could class as different culture believes. Religion is very important when individual rights and beliefs are considered as there are many different religion and theories that people beliefs. In many people lives religion is a big part of their life and therefore it should be carefully thought before discussing and causing offence to someone's religion can cause a major problems. Different people have their own rights and choices over decisions that are made regarding their lives which they think it's important to them but not to other people. For instance, a person needs some blood from a blood donor in or to save his/her life. But the patients refuse it for some kind of reason, maybe because of religious reasons or their own personal beliefs. However everybody has got the right to be informed about the information regarding to medical needs such as treatment etc. In order to make sure that the service users is getting the full care out a health care service, it is important that all care workers need to understand the policies and guidelines as not to offend or upset services users making sure that people's individual rights and beliefs are taken into consideration and that equality and diversity and confidentiality are maintained. So that both the services users and services providers are comfortable and can trust each other. ...read more.

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This essay considers some factors that support and inhibit communication, such as how confidentiality can be met by using passwords and how pace with older people can promote equality and diversity. However, overall there is not enough focus on communication within the essay, for example, on page 1 oral communication needs to be explained and on page 4 listening skills, paraphrasing and summarising could be explored, alongside the use of written consent. Students need to understand how care values and support can be applied by care workers when communicating with service users i.e. this essay must include positive examples of communication to ensure that service user?s equality and diversity and rights and beliefs are promoted, as well as that confidentiality is maintained. Negative examples can also be included to show how these care values may not be met. Content required by the specification has not been included and must be done. For example, it is expected that positioning, such as space or height and emotional factors, such as fear, happiness, self-esteem, empathy, responsiveness and attentiveness be covered. Environmental conditions such as space, noise, lighting or ventilation also need to be covered, as well as special needs, such as using appropriate vocabulary or sign language. Other content within this essay is not needed, for example, legislation does not need to be covered in this essay. There is also some evidence of plagiarism and proofreading of content has not been performed.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 30/07/2013

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