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Promoting good health- Health promotion evaluation

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Hollie Jenkins Unit 3: promoting good health A04 A04: Evaluation of health promotion campaign A04A: In this section of my promoting good health coursework, I am going to evaluate the impact of my health promotion campaign. Did we achieve the aims set out in our plan? The first aim of our health promotion campaign was to get out audience to think about their health and their lifestyles. In my opinion, I believe that we achieved this aim as during our campaign our audience responded well and was engaged in the discussions of activities which were aimed at them having to think about their health and lifestyles. Our audience were also very keen to answer our questionnaire?s which showed us that that were genuinely interested in our campaign topic. Judging by the amount of feedback which we received from our audience, we met this aim as our feedback suggests that the majority of our audience learnt something new from our campaign which shows that our audience were encouraged to think about their health and lifestyles. The other aim of our campaign was to raise awareness of the importance of eating a healthy diet and participating in enough regular exercise. In my opinion we also achieved this aim as we were able to educate our audience and raise awareness amongst our audience of the importance of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. As part of spreading awareness amongst the year seven tutor group which we campaigned to, we hope that they will spread information about our campaign when talking to their friends and family which will hopefully encourage their friends and family to take better care of their health. If we manage to achieve this as well then we would have campaigned to members outside of our target age group which would mean that our campaign would have benefitted and educated even more individuals. ...read more.


I answered this question by saying ?yes, I do think that I made a good contribution?. The reason I gave for my answer was I think I made a good contribution as ?I tried to contribute as much as possible?, and by this I meant that I was keen to put a lot of work into this campaign by trying to come up with activities and ideas to put into our campaign in order to make it as good as it possibly could be. For the second part of this question I also answered yes as I did feel that my contribution was effective to the team for the same reason, But in my answer I also acknowledged that it was a team effort overall, and not one person did all of the work, so effectively; everyone make a good contribution. For the third question on my self-assessment form I asked myself was the question ?was my participation in our campaign was sufficient??. I answered this question by saying ?yes, I do think that my participation in our campaign was sufficient.? I answered yes to this question because I felt that I put in a lot of effort and participating by creating a questionnaire, speaking while presenting our campaign and individually making the time plan and assisted with creating the lesson plan. For the fourth question on my self-assessment form I asked myself was the question ?how well did I feel that I communicated/presented during the presentation of our health promotion campaign??. I answered this question by saying that I felt that I personally could have communicated better than I did, although my communication skills were okay, I needed to put myself out there and be more confident when speaking which is something I can look to improve on in the future. The fifth and final question on my self-assessment form I asked myself was the question ?In my opinion, was the campaign successful in meeting our aims??. ...read more.


Finally, the last improvement which I would make for next time would be to make sure that everyone sticks to their assigned roles in the group, don?t let others dominate and share the responsibility equally amongst the group. This is not to say that we did not work well together as a team, but I do think that responsibility could have been shared out more equally when it came to actually presenting our health promotion campaign as the majority of the presentation was said by one person and everyone else did not contribute to speaking much. I think that these recommendations and improvements are realistic changes to be made to further campaigns as I believe that if we make these changes then it will improve our plan by making it more of a team effort, better prepared/practiced and will also allow us to provide our audience with more developed information. These changes would improve my campaign as it would ensure that every aspect of our campaign would be more organised and the campaign would run more efficiently when it comes to presenting it. It could also make us more prepared with what we want to say during our presentation if we practiced it more and wrote out a more detailed script to follow. This would help us to improve on our presentation skills and also to ensure that we could cover all intended content and present our campaign to the best of our ability. Something else to improve on could be preparing more materials to assist us in our campaign. This could include creating more fun activities or more quizzes which could be beneficial as it would help to engage and interact with the audience more and also help us to receive more feedback from our audience. Brief summary of campaign In conclusion, I think that my health promotion campaign was fairly successful overall although I think that next time we should take into account any recommendations which would help us to improve our campaign. ...read more.

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