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Promoting Health and Well-being

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Introduction The aim of this assignment is to carry out a health promotion campaign on an area that I feel is being publicised regularly in the media. The area that I have chosen is binge drinking as it is growing concern in today's society and by carrying out this campaign I hope to raise awareness within my chosen target group. I will look at the different aspects on binge drinking and the different campaigns undertaken by the government in order to control binge drinking. I will carry out both primary and secondary research in order to devise my health promotion campaign. What is binge drinking? There is no actual definition of the term 'binge drinking' although it is usually defined as drinking more than half the recommended weekly intake in one session. It is important to recognise that the majority of people do not consider themselves to be binge drinking as they may be oblivious to the recommended weekly allowance or they may be on a night out and do not realise that they are binge drinking/. People 'binge drink for many reasons but it often caused by: * Peer pressure from friends * To escape from the pressures of life in order to relax. ...read more.


Below are three strategies that are put in place in the UK today. * The know your limits campaign - This strategy was launched in 2008 by the Public Health Minister as part of a �10 million government campaign to tackle binge drinking. Its aim was to make aware to people the units in drinks so that they may be encouraged to stick to these guidelines. They advertised this campaign through adverts, radio, the press and billboards. It has a budget of �6million from 2008 and 2009 to target those at most risk of binge drinking, the 18 to 24 year olds. It provides people with guidelines of how to stick with the recommended daily units of 2-3 units a day for women and 3-4 units a day for men. As well as this it puts out there images of how binge drinking can affect the individual's health particularly through the advert on 'You wouldn't start a night like this, so why end it that way', in which the girl is shown a pouring drink all over her clothes and vomiting. (www.dh.gove.uk/en/news/recentstories/DH_084904) * The safe sensible Social Strategy - This strategy was launched in 2007 by the Department of Health and Home Office. ...read more.


* A leaflet - I also used another leaflet that I found in my local hospital which clearly set out the dangers of binge drinking on the human body through a diagram. I felt that this was beneficial to me as a reader as it was easily set out. I have used all the above resources which have enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the definition of binge drinking. I felt that this has enabled begin my health promotion campaign with a greater understanding of the term binge drinking. Action plan: Action Date I expect to complete this task PowerPoint - I will create a PowerPoint for my target audience in order to inform them on the dangers and effects of binge drinking. I hope that the use of this type of media will get my point across to them. 24/03/10 Leaflet - By creating this I hope that after I present my PowerPoint that they will go away and read this so that they fully understand the term binge drinking 24/03/10 Poster - I will create a Poster that I hope stays in the mind of my target audience before the next time they think of binge drinking. 24/03/10 ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit8 -A01 - Promoting health and well being Sinead Roddy 14C ...read more.

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