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Provide information about organisations that offer support and guidance.Include: Commission for Racial Equality Equal Opportunities commission Disability Rights Commission

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Mehvish Bibi Task 5B. Provide information about organisations that offer support and guidance. Include: * Commission for Racial Equality * Equal Opportunities commission * Disability Rights Commission Commission for Racial Equality: The Commission for Racial Equality aims to get rid of racial discrimination also promoting racial equality. This commission was brought up by the Race Relation Act, it is applied to England, Wales and Scotland. What is Race Relation Act Race Relation Act is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, citizenship or ethnic origins. The complaint must show that the harassment created an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment, or interfered with the individual's work performance causing them a detriment. Racial violence is a criminal offence and proceedings in cases of racial abuse and harassment may be brought under both criminal and civil law. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act means that public bodies have a duty to promote race equality, to tackle racial discrimination, to encourage equal opportunity and good race relations. http://www.lboro.ac.uk/admin/personnel/harassmentandb/what_does_the_law_say.htm The commission for Racial Equality promotes people to work together and form better relationships between amongst each other from two different ethnic groups, The commission for Racial Equality uses legal power and forbids harassments and discriminations it helps promotes equalities so everyone has same opportunities. ...read more.


A failure on the part of any person to observe any provision of a code of practice shall not of itself render him [or her] liable to any proceedings; but in any proceedings under this Act before an employment tribunal any code of practice issued under this section shall be admissible in evidence, and if any provision of such a code appears to the tribunal to be relevant to any question arising in the proceedings it shall be taken into account in determining that question. It has the duty to make sure it gets rid of any sex discrimination or disability discrimination in work places so that the employers are paid equally for the same task that is carried out. The EOC makes sure that they: * Equal pay for both men and women doing same task * Treating both men and women fairly and equally * Giving them both equal choices * Giving them equal services * Giving them both equal positions in power. The former equality commissions had power to issue Codes of Practice containing practical guidance on matters such as promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating discrimination in their relevant fields. Where Codes of Practice have been issued under appropriate sections of the anti-discrimination statutes, they are admissible in evidence, and, if ...read more.


* To inform the disable people about their rights that is made by Disability Discrimination Act. * To help solve the disable peoples problems. * To support disable people. * Provide them with much support when they are in case of dispute. * To help organize campaigns and events for them. Disability is one of the main issues that arise when discrimination is talked about. Often they are refused because of their condition when they are the ones who need the most service. A person with disability is also known as in the DDA when they are unable to carry out carry out normal day-to-day activities. Disable person can be when they have these conditions: * Mobility * Unable to lift, carry or move objects * Speech, hearing or eyesight * Unable to memorise, learn or concentrate It is disability discrimination if service users are harassing them because of their disability condition. They are allowed to take action for this such as report them. If service users find that someone is harassing them and they find their behaviour offensive, frightening, humiliating or annoying. Examples of harrassing them by not calling by their chosen names, pulling hatred faces, playing jokes, pranks or any other behaviour which they might find upsetting because of their disability. ...read more.

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