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Reasons That Lead Teenagers To Alcohol Abuse And Their Causes

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Maritza Tse English 101/1276 July 3rd, 2001. Essay #5 Reasons That Lead Teenagers To Alcohol Abuse And Their Causes Alcohol abuse is one the biggest drug problems and issues facing America's youth today. Teen alcoholism is a one of the main issues concerning almost all communities, families and schools in America today. There are three main reasons that can lead a teenager to drink alcohol without taking into consideration its causes. Stress, peer pressure and media are these reasons. . The first reason teens drink is because of stress. Nowadays, teens are under tremendous stress such as school and family. For example, School stress can be caused by trying to fit in and consequently being accepted by their peers. ...read more.


Peer pressure can especially be seen in parties where mostly everyone drinks. This creates pressure on the teen because if he or she does not drink, the teen would become an outsider and consequently, they drink to belong. Many times, teens drink at parties to be accepted by the others. For example, teens would drink beer at parties and pretend that they like it even when they do not like the taste of it. They have the beer to be in the right crowd. The third reason for teens to alcohol abuse is the media and poor labeling. In today's advertisements, whether they are on billboards or on television commercials, portray a message that can create confusion. ...read more.


However, this a small cause compared to the others which can include date rape, violence which can lead to even death. Alcohol causes a persons judgment and reflexes to slow down. One of the most common scenarios is in driving. Drinking and driving is the number one killer in America. A person may also do things he would not normally do because his ability to reason may be reduced. In conclusion alcohol affects many teenagers' lives as well as their future. Too many teens are currently drinking and alcoholism is on the rise. The disease is spreading and something must be done to solve this problem. Schools, churches as well as the alcohol industry must work together to solve this problem. They must create a curriculum which will teach teenagers to resist alcohol. "Say no to alcohol drink!" ?? ?? ?? ?? Tse 1 ...read more.

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