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Report for Aintree Hospital Trust of findings of primary research. Marketing research Assignment

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MABA 115 Marketing Research Assignment Module Leader: Steve Baron F14, Chatham Building j.s.baron@liv.ac.uk 0151 795 3803 Group member P V, Patel (Pranav) Kris, Heerasing (Kris) Zhengchen, Wong (Clare) Yik Fung, Lam (Michael) Zhao, Wang (William) Submit date: 09th Dec 2005 Table of content Item Page Cover Page 1 Table of content 2 Report for Aintree Hospital Trust of findings of primary research 3 A critique of the research process and methods adopted 12 Appendix 1 - Questionnaire 19 Appendix 2 - Questionnaire Result 22 Appendix 3 - Focus Group Result 23 Appendix 4 - Recommendation Questions 24 Appendix 5 - Workload 25 Report for Aintree Hospital Trust of findings of primary research The purpose of this report is to find out views and opinions about Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust in Merseyside situated in NorthWest England .We would be 1conducting a survey to people who live within the catchment area of Aintree so that changes and improvements can be brought upon to the existing services. This report will also investigate the role of Aintree Hospital in the new healthcare marketplace where it is anticipated that all patients in England will be offered at least five providers for elective care .The data we obtained from the questionnaires and focus groups will be used in analysing key information regarding patient views and hence help Aintree NHS Trust examine its existing reputation on a national scale. Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust is a large, complex organization providing acute health care to a population of 330,000 in North Merseyside and surrounding areas. The Trust provides acute hospital services to the residents of South Sefton, North Liverpool and Kirkby.2 The Trust consists of two main hospitals - University Hospital Aintree which is a large teaching hospital providing Accident & Emergency services and a wide range of acute and non-acute specialties, and Walton Hospital which provides outpatient and day surgery services.Their aim is to to deliver the highest standard of patient care which is clinically effective in a manner which respects people's dignity, privacy and individuality. ...read more.


With this information made available we think that Aintree could make the necessary changes to become more competitive . Determination of research design is the next process undertaken after formulation of the problem. Any design consists of specification which is linked with the purpose or usage, so as questions like "what question needs to be answered" in the research was examined. In the research project, hospital reputation, patient perception and expectation was to be measured. Further questions were asked about how well Aintree Hospital clients were in relation to their previous experiences . Deciding on which method to carry out the research was the next step taken. Studying the patients views on Aintree hospital and hospital in general is not easy.This was due to human biases and emotion which was mostly affected by their previous encounter with hospital. Aintree Hospital is having Nurse Strike on mid-June 2005, and the shortage in caterer and workers may cause a sharp decrease in service. Thus the research result reflected in this period may be largely different from those being done before the event. Thus at least one of the research methods we employed should be able to avoid significant different results caused by recent event. On the later paragraph on questionnaire design this issue will be addressed in more detail. Focus group is the first research method taken, due to its nature and contribution. For an MBA student coming from a different country and living in Uk for less than six months, the knowledge and experiences with the local hospital can be very limited. Thus focus group is the best way that helps boost up the group member knowledge on the local National Health Service system. Besides this realistic limitation, focus group helps the design of questionnaire and many points that were not discovered by group discussion were revealed. An example of valid point is that one of the participants who said that a proper channel of complain / auditing is vital for public hospital. ...read more.


M1 : the customer is thinking in terms of "Price / Service" Public hospital is not profit making , so a higher "Price / Service" is expected (in terms of tax Appendix 4- Recommendation Questions Can you tell me about this illness or condition? * Are there any tests that might explain why I am getting this symptom? * How common is this condition? * Is there anything I can do to help myself? * Are there any national guidelines for my illness? * Can I get a second opinion? How will I be treated? * How will the treatment work? * How soon will the treatment start? * How long will the treatment take to finish? * If my treatment is delayed will this make a difference? * If I don't have that treatment now ,what will happen and how will I be looked after? * What side effects ,if any should I expect ? * Can this treatment increase my risk of developing another type of illness? * Will the treatment affect my fertility or sex life? * Is there any help/suppport I can have at home should I need it ? * Do you think I will be able to get back to normal after treatment? How can I make right choice for me? * How can I make a choice between the treatments you have offered me? * Can I change my mind after I've started? * Can I have treatment at home? * How long will I need to stay in hospital? * Will I be given different hospitals to choose from? * How do different hospitals compare? Waiting times? Success rates? Cleanliness? Appendix 5- Workload Design Questionnaire - Michael, Kris Day out for the Questionnaire - Kris, Michael Focus Group - Pranav, William, Michael Data Entry - William, Pranav, Michael Analysis - Kris, Clare Report writing - Michael, Kris Proof-reading - Michael, Kris 2 Aintree hospitals, http://www.aintreehospitals.nhs.uk/aboutus/default.aspx ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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