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Research Methods

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Research Methods In this section I will be talking about the different data collection methods there are in health and social care settings. I will then talk about how I will be using and carrying out these methods Data collection methods There are two types of way to collect data, one is primary and one is secondary. Primary data- This is technique is used by an individual or a group of people who try to find out information on a specific issue relating to their study. This is a technique that an individual has to do themselves. They do this by carrying out research methods such as questionnaire, observations, interviews and case study. This allows them to find out information from the public which relates to their course. Secondary data- This technique is information which you have not produced yourself. It is used to find out information on a variety of different issues. This is information that anyone can access whereas primary research you have to create yourself and carry out yourself. This data is often found through technology such as internet and news but can also be found in the library and books. Data collection that I will use My research will involve both primary and secondary data collections methods, below I will explain how I will use these research methods in my assignment. ...read more.


Whereas a questionnaire will be confidential as their names will not be asked on the sheet it questionnaires will anonymous. To make my primary data collection research more accurate I will also carry out an observational research this will involve me witnessing the data myself and will gave me a more accurate result. I will do this by watching how many smokers go out to smoke at recess times in school and will keep an eye out on them and will have an checklist with me at all times to note down how many males and females I see smoking everyday for two weeks. Methodologies that I will use For my research methods I will start by using the Action research, in this research I will carry out 50 questionnaires and will split them 25/25 for both teenage girls and boys to fill in. The questionnaires will be on smoking and will give me a clue on what the rates of smoking are between teenage boys and girls. The second research method I will carry out will be the Ethnographic study research, I will do this research by observing how many smokers go out to smoke whilst in school. This will give me a more accurate result as I will have seen the smokers smoking myself and so I will know for a definite whether the results are true or not whereas the questionnaire may not be filled in accurately and truthfully by the individuals. ...read more.


Information given by people is not always truthful and accurate therefore to make sure my results are accurate I will also do an observational research. I will do this by keeping an eye on the smokers in my school. There is a secret place around school where the smokers go to smoke in their recess times such as break, dinner and after school, this place is known as the snicket. The reason the smokers smoke in this place is because they are not allowed to smoke within the school premises so they all gather up here in their secret place to smoke, where the teachers cannot see them. I know this because I have friends who go there to smoke and have witnessed it myself. I have also seen children from other years such as year 10 and 11 go there to smoke at break and dinner times. What I will do is count how many male and female smokers go out to the snicket to smoke in their recess times. I will do this for about two weeks and then finally add up the scores to see what my observational research results showed. I will then make a table out of these results and compare them with the questionnaire results to see any differences and to see whether my hypothesis is proved true or not. ...read more.

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