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Review of my development through education and my placement experience

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´╗┐Minhaz Miah Suffolk New College Suffolk New College Unit 6 Assignment title: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care 1 Minhaz Miah Task A- P2 (RL1, RL2, RL4, EP1) During the course of my learning experience I have developed different learning experience to increase my knowledge and understanding, as theses skills will help me develop into the career that I intend to work in. My learning journey began from a young age. Firstly starting off learning very basic skills and learning objects at nursery till around year 2. After this stage my knowledge and skills became better and my understanding of things began to increase. Slowly I began to adapt to my new learning skills such as learning to speak appropriately and clearly and sticking to the way I feel comfortable to learn which I adapt at a very young age. My literacy skills started very basic such as learning all the basic words and putting it into practice, writing clear understandable sentences. Then I began to write short description about things and began to learn longer complicated words and improving my spelling and the mean time improving my hand writing at all times. ...read more.


As I progressed into key stage 2 I my IT skill knowledge increased as I learnt how use it properly and also how use the internet search engine. When moving on to high school I developed new skills such as using new software?s and programs on the computer e.g. PowerPoint, Excel. It was first to start with quite hard as I needed some support, but slowly I began independent and now how use the computer and the programs. My research started when I was in high school as I learnt how to research effectively and easily. There were techniques and advise I had to look at which made it easy for me to find information on the computer. I also learnt new skills such as observing, seeing how other people do things as this is also a skill. Throughout my primary and high school time I learn how to reflect on what I did such as my work seeing if I did it correctly and made sure I did what was requires. Looking at for mistakes and errors. Also I learnt on reflecting on what others say to me so I make sure that I have understood what they have had said to me. ...read more.


Then I had research to see what could be done for them which is called secondary research where I looked on the internet and other sources as well. My data handling was poor at start but it did slowly began to improve, I was given task to handle with data handling and I managed to it with some support but my confidence and ability to do it got better during my time at the placement. I was given situations and task that I had to solve which at first I did find it difficult to do but with developing the skills that I have learnt such communication skill, how to interact appropriately and also others skills helped me overcome the problems or situations that was given to me. As time went on I had responsibility and also I had to make sure I was organised at all times. At first I wasn?t much organised at all which led to a lot of problems where I lost important information. Being organized and prepared helps you a lot to plan your day and I have realised it makes everything easy as you keep on track with everything. ...read more.

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