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Role of a Domiciliary Care Worker

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Domiciliary Care Worker There has been an outstanding amount of service users using the service of social work, there has been up to the amount of 100,000 people in Wales alone receiving social care, this service used over 70,000 workers. 'Rhian Huws Williams, Social Care Wales.' Sector A domiciliary Care Worker works within the statutory sector of social services, this is run by local authorities, such as Bridgend County Borough Council, this is funded by council tax, income tax and national insurance tax. Domiciliary Care Workers can be employed by voluntary organisations, social services or private care providers. A small contribution from the clients is made to pay part of the service cost, (this is only a small contribution and does not pay the wages of the domiciliary care worker.) Therefore the funding will be provided from the social services budget. There has been a huge growth within private agencies, an example of these agencies is 'Angels,' this is based in the Cowbridge area; this organisation could be working for social services. (Commissioned) Role A domiciliary care worker provides vital care for clients within their own home. A majority of Domiciliary Care Workers work with elderly clients, however not all the service users are elderly. This carer is put into action to help the client retain their own independence within their own home; another name used for this practitioner is also a 'home carer.' The Domiciliary Care Worker will enable to client to improve their quality of life. This care includes such care as personal and also domestic care. This type of care is put into place to help clients with daily living tasks which may prove difficult for the service user; these tasks could include things such as; * Providing choice * Toileting * Dressing * Undressing * Changing of clothes * Shopping * Preparing meals * Washing * Bathing / showering * Cleaning and maintaining the home * Getting up * Reminding of medication / collection of medication * Supervising whilst eating or drinking Some of these tasks may vary depending on the level of independence of the service user. ...read more.


Within the Porthcawl area there are a lot of retired people, these people may be in need of care, therefore producing more job vacancies for home carers. Areas of poverty, for example areas within the valleys are likely to have clients with many different health problems, this then may make the clients required social care support, these areas may need this type support rather than areas like, Cowbridge and the Vale Of Glamorgan. Public Approval Most people within the community are not aware of exactly what Domiciliary Care Workers do. The public perceive Domiciliary Carers to be doing a great deed for those in need, this then boosting morale for the carers to do their absolute best to carry this statement out within their roles as carers. Many members of the public see Home Carers as respected members of the community, and value their hard work. People who have or whose family members receive home care appreciate all the hard work and also the long hours in which the carer puts in, these people can see what the carers do for those close to them and are very grateful for the extra help in which the home care provides, they also appreciate that their loved one is receiving one to one care, and at the same time they are gaining social contact and also social support from the carer. You see a lot of television soaps promoting good home carers, this also gives give the audience watching a clearer view of what these care workers do, although they are not exactly 100% correct they do imitate the work in which the carers are doing every day. Conditions Condition of employment Domiciliary care workers will be asked to state their own availability for the hours of work, these times are placed within hour brackets, and these hours are, 7.00am-10.00am, 10.00am-1.00pm, 1.00pm-4.00pm, 4.00pm-7.00pm and 7.00pm-10.00pm. The care workers will not be expected to work anymore than 12hours in one day, this can however be overridden by signing a waiver contract. ...read more.


alone and may feel that they do not have enough social contact with others during the amount of hours in which they work. A lot of the carers are recognised in the community, this could be from the very recognisable uniform that the carers wear. Job Satisfaction Many carers find the role of a 'Home Carer' very demanding as they are relied on a lot by their service users, however this practitioner also gets a very overwhelming sense of approval, from not only the service users but also the service users family, this job is very rewarding, just knowing that the carers have helped someone whilst doing their job to the best of their ability is a very warm and happy feeling. Service users who use the service of a home carer are very grateful for the opportunities that they have had from the carers and also the amount that the carers do for them, they are very thankful for having the extra help of doing their daily living tasks and also applying common life qualities. On the other hand some service users are not this grateful, for example some service users may not want the help in which they are given but have no choice to take it. One situation of this could be a person who has formal detention in a hospital and again their wishes are having service users forced upon them. (http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/mod/resource/view.php?id=358796) Life quality factors to meet needs Job Satisfaction - The carer knows they are helping others to be independent to the best of their ability. Social Contact - Both the service user and the carer are gaining social contact from each other. Job Opportunities - Different aspects of the work, the carer can obtain further qualification to further themselves as a carer to work within different areas. Job Security - More and more carers are needed and therefore there will be more job opportunities. Support - Support is given from fellow colleagues. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Trowbridge ...read more.

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