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Role of Registered Nurse

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Introduction Throughout this investigation I will be contrasting two different job roles, these roles being a Registered Nurse and a Domiciliary Care Worker. The reason for choosing these practitioners is that I believe this can help me further my interest in counselling. I believe a Registered Nurse can help me as the practitioner take into consideration different client's disabilities and also recognises where the input of a counsellor may take place. I will be gaining useful information whilst also learning about what this practitioner entails and how their job works within the health and social care settings. I believe a Domiciliary Care Worker could help me as it is their role to meet client's needs, the care worker will also decide when it is time to involve specialist help, for example the care worker could recognise when a client may need professional help from a counsellor. Both these practitioners can help my interest as they provide a guideline to the social care settings and how clients should be treated within the different care settings. For both the Domiciliary Care Worker and Registered Nurse I will be carrying out certain research, this research will include the following sub-headings; * Sector * Role * Status * Employment conditions Registered Nurse Sector Registered Nurses can work in the statutory, (commonly known as the public sector) or the private sector. These sectors could be a nurse working within the NHS hospital, which is statutory and a private sector, some hospitals can be run privately, for example St. Josephs which is situated in Newport. Whereas working within a nursing home is a private sector. Funding for Registered Nurses usually comes from the NHS trust; however this is then controlled by the local health board who establish various amounts of money to different practitioners in different health and social care settings. There are however different types of funding for different aspects of the work, for example there may be different funding for a nurse based in a school, the ...read more.


Public Perception Nursing is a very important role within the health care system, hospitals will not be able to function without the help of nurses, and this is a career which most nurses enjoy being a part of. It has been shown that 70% of the public believed that nursing is an active and positive career. The public believe Registered Nurses to be of a high status and very knowledgeable. 'In my experience 'specialist' nurse practitioners are excellent and worth their weight in gold. I have no doubt that the incontinence nurse specialists, leg ulcer nurse specialist; MS nurse specialists and so on do their particular job better than anyone else.' (http://www.newmediamedicine.com/forum/mature-students/47229-what-do-you-think-nurses.html) However the nurses themselves have a different opinion on how they perceive their career, they believe themselves to have a low knowledge and also believe that having the career of a Registered Nurse is not a profession. Whilst the RN's believe this the public still has very high attributions towards RN's. Many television programmes portray Nurses as flighty, the general public may come across some images which are meant to be of humour to the public, such things like bedpans or long needles, however these images are harmful and can also be harmful to those who are dependent on the 'media image,' for example a person may be dependent on the media and imitate certain issues which appear within the media. (www.google.com/publisperceptiononnursing) It has also recently been discovered that the lack of take up the flu vaccines provided for nurses increased problems, for example flu epidemics. Conditions Pay Nurses get paid according, to which band they are part of with the NHS, this is also known as, or covered by 'Agenda for Change,' (AFC) pay scales. This however is the NHS 2000 implications. This system covers all types of health situated careers, with an exception of doctors, dentists and most of the senior managers. ...read more.


The nurse may become very upset and emotional; this then puts strain on the nurse's career. Paper work and record keeping can also demonstrate stress within the job role. Paper work can be very demanding and also time consuming; this can be very stressful for the nurse and the deadline may not be met. Job Satisfaction Being a nurse is a very satisfying, helping others gives the nurses a lot of self esteem and also builds up confidence, they make patients feel at ease whilst they go through a difficult period in their lives. Nurses are regarded as very hard working member of their community, helping others and being a positive influence on those in need. Nurses take a lot of pride in the work they do, they treat every patient with a lot of respect and are hoped to gain this respect back. This job is very rewarding in the type of work that is put into place, knowing that the nurse has helped someone recover from a serious illness or just been there in their time of need is enough to satisfy the nurse into knowing they have done their job properly and to the best of their ability. Life quality factors to meet needs Support - Support is offered to the service user b the carer. Support for the carer is available from their superior member of staff. Social Contact - This is provided by both the carer and the service user, this can also be provided for by other colleagues. Opportunities - There are opportunities to work with different type of service users, such as the elderly, children or clients with disabilities. Job Satisfaction - Service users are experiencing good quality caring. Job Security - Knowing that there is a shortage of nurses the job security prove to be very high, nurses can depend on having more work. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Trowbridge ...read more.

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